DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #11

Last week was absolutely amazing so this week we have a championship match to look forward too. This is EXTREMELY exciting times!

Winner : Primate

What is a show without Zack Gibson coming out to tell us that he is Liverpool’s Number 1, soon to be the UKs Number 1, soon to be the WORLDS Number 1….

Well we nearly found out as he didn’t give a speech until Primate got down to the ring which was weird. I mean I’m happy that we got to listen to him but at the same time its just kind of weird that he waited until Primate came down to make a speech about Rampage.

It did make sense in the end when he started to insult Primate for being another bald guy with a beard…. Yeah Gibson said that…. Just to turn around and be beaten in seconds by Primate.

Brilliantly funny match. Well. I say match it wasn’t really a match.


So we get a fun little video package to announce that Christopher Daniels is the guy that will be the wild card in the Magnificent Seven match at Lights Out. Great addition to that match.

Winners : The Prestige

So this is the match where whoever wins the two people on the winning team get to move forward.

I love all four of the guys but there was something about the match that just kind of bored me a little. It felt slow but not in that it was a technical match or anything. Everything felt lumbering. There was only a smattering of comedy from the butt kicking to Ligero trying to use strength to defeat Coffey and at times, especially when Gunn was in the ring it sped up and got real brutal. It was Hendry and Ligero that slowed it down with constant interference and messing about between moves.

Hendry attempting to go on commentary in the middle of the match was funny but was just another moment that didn’t really work. I really think that was it though. So much of the match just didn’t feel like it mixed well together.


Winner : No Contest

This really was the match of the night for me, I didn’t need to see a main event because this match was just so good.

To be fair it was a slow burner but it built up to a wonderful story of just who Sammii Jayne is and why the women of DEFIANT should be worried about her. She worked so much better with KLR then anyone else I’ve seen in DEFIANT and the match was just a scary showing from her. In many ways this was the kind of thing I wanted to see from Viper when she was in DEFIANT but I felt we never got to see much of.

It was such a brilliant match.

Then when Jayne got cocky and started to take the piss out of Millie the champ came out and took out Jayne. KLR wasn’t happy and kicked Millie and we were left with no challenger for Millie’s championship… Or maybe two?

Millie has been a breath of fresh air for the women’s division and I can only believe that its going to be the match of Lights Out whoever gets to face her.

Winner : Austin Aries

Like the women’s match, but for different reasons, it was a slow burner. Aries playing mind tricks and not letting Kirby set the pace.

It was a really good match and you got the feeling both guys wanted the other to tap out to the Last Chancery the amount of times it was put on, the fake out with Dunne coming out ringing the bell making Kirby think he’d won was done well and made it all the more heartbreaking when he finally lost the match.

A good main event.


So we end on what I basically said was going to happen. A triple threat for the women’s title at Lights Out. PERFECT!


It wasn’t a bad episode. Great women’s match, funny opening bout and great main event. It pushed the stories for Lights Out with only one more week till the PPV and had some great wrestling.

Not the best show they’ve had recently but still a top quality one. Very important for the build up to Lights Out.

I mean it felt like a middle chapter. Episode 10 was so good and next week has the tag team title match so even though I didn’t know that it still FELT like the middle chapter of something. In fact the main event didn’t feel like a big deal at all which whilst it was a fantastic match, because lets face it Kirby and Aries are too good NOT to have a fantastic match, it didn’t feel like it was the main event of anything or that it was for a championship of any kind. Maybe because the women’s match was just so much more exciting?

I dunno but I’m finding it hard to sum up how I feel about it which says it all really.

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