Week 11 Question : If Super-Intelligent Aliens want to eat humans, are they wrong?

Its me back with your weekly dose of reality based questioning of everything. This week featuring aliens.

As a meat eater I obviously have to say no. No they aren’t wrong.

Then again I don’t eat meat because I think animals are less intelligent then me, I was raised eating meat and like the taste, I’m not really a philosophical guy as you might have guessed so animals that I meet and animals that I eat never really enter in my mind as the same. Oh I know it makes me a terrible person but that is just the way I am. At least I admit it.

Never in my life have I thought of them as unintelligent and if one of them takes a bite out of a human then good for them. We’ve put ourselves at the top of the food chain not through intelligence but through greed, lack of humanity and just generally being a shitty species. Other animals are way too chill about our species and treat us with a kindness we don’t really deserve so they won’t eat us.

If aliens came down tomorrow of course I’d rather not be eaten but unless I’m able to stop them from eating me then like what am I really going to do? I could debate them but when they point to the pork chop on my plate my argument goes out of the window. Even vegans couldn’t argue because at the end of the day its the way they will survive, who are they to tell another species how to survive? I mean they can’t get other humans to change their mind half the time.

Humans ain’t as intelligent as they think they are anyway so if we can do some good in the universe by being snacks for another species maybe that is what we deserve. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. We’ve decided we’re more intelligent then a pig or a cow because of human traits, to the pig or the cow we’re probably dumb as shit. We try and put our hang ups on everyone, every creature and everything. Aliens can eat us for all I care.

It would be nice if we could just be friends and chill with the aliens though. Plus surely anyone from earth would be human so it would be more akin to us being able to travel space, land on Mars, find a new species and eat it for the sake of eating it. I mean humans would do that too, lets not act like we wouldn’t, but it begs the question why we would anyway.

The only reason to answer this as a no is because you personally don’t want to be eaten and if you are that hung up about something eating you then don’t eat another living creature.


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