Kokkoku : The Tenth Moment

Episode 10

Takafumi is a dick.

Just simply that.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that Takafumi put his grandson in danger for something that just can’t happen anymore. No one has yet to tell Takafumi that the Stone has been destroyed therefore his attempts to become a leader and gain respect is all for nothing and as you probably expected it doesn’t take long before his lie is found out.

It was a good plan though in the end, attacking Sagawa from all angles and forcing him to have to attack where he saw the biggest threat. Him focusing his attention on Makoto after figuring out that he was the one that was controlling the other Handler meant that they actually beat him. Unfortunately he isn’t human anymore so before Juri could expel his jellyfish he ended up shedding his skin and then eating the stomach of the other Handler which turned him into no more then a human walking funny.

To be honest that whole part of the episode was actually pretty bad ass. It felt horrifying to watch even though it wasn’t that horrifying, it was just the way that Sagawa and the other Handler after being eaten moved. It wasn’t human and whilst the hulking great Handlers did their jobs in the show it kind of showed that there was a lot scarier side that could have come out if they wanted too.

We finally get to hear Sagawa’s story too which looks just from this episode like it wasn’t that messed up. I mean he belonged to a religious family and I guess something bigger then his dad and his best friends mum having sex is going to happen to him. Its a interesting story but it just feels weird, its like they never really knew what to make of Sagawa. He had to be the bad guy but none of his actual plans are bad guy plans, they aren’t good guy plans either but they are people plans. People want to live forever, they want to see how the world evolves but most people wouldn’t start killing others for it.

His story coming now and Juri and the Grandfather taking their time to hear him out just feels out of the blue. I’m happy we’re getting his story, I never really thought about him having one that lead him there, but at the same time its a bit late in the day. I don’t know if there was a better time for it but I just feel like its a bit out of the blue to have him defeated and then bang on about his past because he wants Juri to believe he’ll help her. There is only two episodes left to go and next episode seems to be just more about Sagawa so I just don’t really get the timing.

Its way too late in the day for us to get to see Takafumi getting his just deserts though, he deserves to be called out for all the shit he’s done but he just won’t be, you know he won’t be I know he won’t be and its painful to see his smug face.

He has constantly done the worst for his family, blamed the failure of it on his father, been a scum bag of the highest order and now would rather put his grandson in danger to make himself look good then protect him. If someone doesn’t call him out on that it’ll be a shame seeing that he’s so fast to call out his father for just about everything that is actually Takafumi’s fault. I would have loved if he had died or if he had been the one that had fucked off and we’d got to keep Tsubasa who STILL seems like a character with a past I’d like to know.

No. Instead we get Takafumi being a dick.

Because Takafumi is a dick.


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