Junji Ito Collection : Greased / Bridge

Episode 10

Another week and another two stories to get through. There isn’t really much more to say at this point other then we don’t really know whether it’ll be a good week or a bad week all we know is its another week.

I finally found a episode I can’t watch!

Personally I have a big thing about body fluids. I just don’t like them. I can’t watch the wrestler Chris Brookes without cringing when he sticks his finger in his mouth to get the trail of spit going, I hate toilet humour with a passion… I just can’t look at something that comes out of the body without wanting to urge.

So a episode where someone basically becomes so pimply that they can push the sides of their face together to squeeze a faceful of spots just was a big fucking nope. I noped the fuck out of the room until I heard the whole thing stop.

It wasn’t even like it was puss coming out, the whole thing was that their house was just oily, and the brother of whom the spots belonged had started to drink oil and I think the stuff coming out of the spots was meant to be oil… I don’t know but it was just a nope moment.

Which I guess makes it a good story.

I don’t leave the room for much. Even a visual poop joke will just make me uncomfortable and my eyes water up. This though just nope. Sorry but all the fucking nopes.

It wasn’t even a decent story but because of the grossness of it I have to say it was a highlight of the series. Not even just that moment but the greasy tone all through just made it difficult to watch which was kinda perfect I guess. Its like one of those terrible horror movies that gets away with being terrible because it just GETS what it has to do to get the point across. I literally just had a shower about 10 minutes before I watched the episode and instantly felt like I needed another one.

Bridge I actually liked for a lot of reasons. It was kind of a sad ghost love story in its way.

I don’t know something about it just made me lose myself to the story.

There was something sad about how the grandmother was being haunted but the people genuinely seemed to be haunting her because the man she had been in love with was with them and they wanted to see them together again. The ghosts themselves were creepy enough looking but it was just sad overall.

It was a nice contained little story though, it wasn’t like some of the ones that were obviously short stories but felt like they could have done with 20 more minutes of story to them.

Not sure how I feel about the ending though. I mean on the one hand it was kind of nice that the dead souls seemed to be leaving to go to heaven now that the grandmother and her lost love were reunited, but it also wasn’t what the grandmother wanted, she wanted to be buried in the ground and not stuck in the water with the others.

Then again I’m also just GUESSING that this was what was going on because whilst the ghosts said it was nice that the two can now be married it just… Was weird.

And that was what I loved about it.

So overall a decent episode personally.

I think the first episode won’t work unless you get grossed out by it, the story is just a little boring, the second again it depends on whether you like these kind of stories. I guess that is the series in a nutshell though and whilst most of the stories have been a miss for me this week was a hit.

I’m so happy we’re getting to a end of the series though.


One thought on “Junji Ito Collection : Greased / Bridge”

  1. I’m also happy this show will end soon. It’s end up being one of my more disappointing picks for the season. Which given I enjoy bad horror I’m not even sure how that happened. I think this show bores me more than anything else. It isn’t even laughably bad most weeks, just dull.

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