How to Keep a Mummy (Miira No Kaikata) : Kind Hands, Warm Hands

Episode 9

“Yasashī te o tatakai-te” (やさしい手をたたかい手)

We have a Tazuki and Conny centered episode and I’m in heaven!

So we finally get to learn a lot about Tazuki and why he is the way he is.

I mean it hasn’t really been a mystery to us, we know that he tried to look after a Dragon as a kid and something went wrong, we know that he hides his emotions behind sarcasm and coldness, we just get told that the two things are 100% related to each other and see him open up to Conny about it.

For me the scary thing was that those people who have been looking for the Oni Child that made them decide to do the day care thing are actually hunters. I just thought it would be people who accidentally saw them and kept looking but its confirmed that people hunt these creatures which makes the soft and cuddly world that we were living in so much more dangerous and scary. It was those hunters that attacked Tazuki and Isao when he was a kid trying to help and why he’s so cold to Conny, because he doesn’t believe if it happened again he’d be able to help Conny.

Really is sad but then again it shouldn’t surprise me! After all Sora’s dad is off hunting down things like this, not in the same way but if one adult is out looking for these things in a positive way there is bound to be a adult doing it for a negative reason.

What got me though was the end of the episode.

Learning that Conny has only ever wanted to be accepted and have someone to hold his hand was just so cute. Seeing him watching a little girl holding her mums hand and then reaching out for a blade of grass, it makes sense why he climbs into bed with Tazuki and holds his hand at night and just breaks my cold little heart.

It was nice to have a bit of drama in a sweet way. It was broken up with the day from hell for Tazuki where he didn’t do his hair and got everything wrong but the whole episode was designed to make you weep for the cuteness that is the relationship between Tazuki and Conny.

Also Tazuki’s little sister is adorable and I wish there was more of her because she’s just sweet as hell.

Great episode and a nice character moment for Tazuki. As I said as long as you’d been paying attention we knew most of what was going on with him from the beginning, this was pretty much where all the little bits and pieces we’d been learning came together to form the bigger picture. Kind of the Eureka moment. As a fan of Tazuki though it was nice to have that episode.

Also Mii-kun is too pure for this world.

He needs to stop barking though because every time he does my heart dies a little of the cuteness.


2 thoughts on “How to Keep a Mummy (Miira No Kaikata) : Kind Hands, Warm Hands”

  1. Mii-Kun barking is something that I will forever be happy to see and hear. Each time it manages to make me smile and feel better. They should bottle that feeling.

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