Overlord II : Soaring Sparks of Fire

Episode 9

“Mai Agaru Hi no ko” (舞い上がる火の粉)

So we continue with the story of Sebas and his newly formed squad to take out the slave trade in the Capital.

It was much more a Climb episode with the weak little soldier showing that he has something a lot of these other warriors don’t have which is determination not to be beaten. We saw it when he faced down Sebas last episode and in this one he faces off against Succulent who uses Illusion magic.

Climb doesn’t do badly against Succulent and whilst others don’t think he has what it takes strength wise I think his fighting was fine, he lack experience and only really lost because he took his eye off of Succulent thinking he’d won and not making sure he had finished the job. After all he thinks that just beating Succulent would be enough when in actuality with guys like that they won’t fight fair so he needed to keep the pressure on him.

Gaining Brain’s respect is probably the biggest thing for Climb at the moment though so it all worked out fine.

They took down the brothel, Sebas going in one entrance on his own and taking out the guy who had threatened him in the last episode whilst the other two went in the other way and faced off against Succulent who was protecting Coco Doll.

We leave the episode with Sebas coming home to find out Ainz is waiting for him, I’m still unsure what the hell is wrong with Solution but I am itching to know why Ainz would have a problem with Sebas doing what he is doing.

Also we get a look at the darker side of the Princess.

She seems obsessed with Climb and whilst she puts on a face when she calls the maid in that she knows picks on Climb her inner thoughts are scary as hell. I don’t really know what she plans on doing but she’s going to end up being as bad as anyone she’s out to destroy.

It was a great episode, still feels weird not having Ainz in the show for long periods of the time but at least Sebas and his story as well as Climb and Brain are much more interesting then the Lizard Men.

Not only that but going back to Ainz and having a problem with Sebas surely now Sebas has earned the trust of a great Martial Artist and a solider close to the Princess. Ainz wants intel, he wants to get closer to those in power and become a important player whilst also staying in the shadows a little. He basically has someone who could get closer to the very people that Ainz wants to get closer to and made more important bonds with people then Ainz has.

Whilst Ainz has managed to get lost in a few side quests to make money and build a defense around himself, Sebas has gone straight to the important part of the quest and befriended important people. He’s brought some major players in the region together by sheer accident and shook up the whole area he’s in without implicating Ainz or even really getting himself in trouble.

Solution just didn’t like the fact he saved a girl.


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