Kokkoku : The Ninth Moment

Episode 9

Welcome to the show of two halves. Half one the actual good guys doing good things, the second half Takafumi being the biggest ass hole of all time.

Another week of it.

We finally learn what Sagawa wants, to see history. To stop her Grandfather being dragged out of Stasis Juri gets him to teleport to the stone and destroys it meaning that everyone but her is now able to leave Stasis. It also means that Sagawa doesn’t need his side kick anymore so his side kick turns tail and joins Juri and co giving them the information they need.

To be honest I liked Sagawa’s plans. He just wants to see history. I don’t really see a problem in that just the way he’s going about it, then again it also makes sense that if he needs to be the Herald he’ll need to learn how to use the specters inside him and keep them at bay.. He has no weakness other then having to be careful about eating so he’s pretty much the OP final boss you would guess he was.

Then again with the Master Stone gone and only Juri stuck, by the end of the episode they are all together again, wouldn’t it just make sense for Juri to send everyone out of Stasis and go about finding a way out herself or dying to Sagawa?

Even by the end of the episode they seem to think they need to destroy Sagawa but only Juri is going to be left with him and in the end she’ll turn into a Handler as well so why bother hanging about? I mean it makes sense for the family to want to stay with her, though only the Grandfather knows about this, but if she is content with the path she picked her deciding to put everyone’s lives on the line to fight Sagawa seems pointless.

I don’t really want to talk about Takafumi. When you think he can’t get any worse he does.

Makoto’s power awakens which makes me believe its only the mentally strong that get these powers seeing that Majima has one too, or the innocent maybe? I mean the guy with them isn’t a innocent person by any means, Takafumi is a fucking dick bag of the highest order but the even when Majima tried to get a killer intent to bring out a Handler she couldn’t pretend to have one.

Makoto’s power is super cool, a new Handler is born from the dying remains of Sagawa’s victims and he can control it. Unfortunately the others walk in on it when Takafumi begs it to stop and it does, as long as someone is near Makoto it seems that EVERYONE can control a Handler. I don’t see why it would be just Takafumi. Thing is Makoto doesn’t know this is his power, he doesn’t really know what is going on, so Takafumi can take complete credit for it and be seen as a hero.

All now a part of his plan to gain their trust and be able to use the Stone for his own misdeeds.

I wonder if they’ll bother to tell Takafumi the Stone is gone or whether he’ll think he’ll have another way to get in even with it gone?

He just does my head in to be honest and I don’t like him at all. I hope that something horrible happens to him. In fact the only person I want to see die is him.


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