How To Keep A Mummy (Miira No Kaikata) : New Places, New Strange, Strange Friends

Episode 8

“Atarashī toko fushigina toko fushigina tomodada chi” (あたらしいとこふしぎなとこふしぎな友だち)

My week of absolute heart warming love is here as Sora and friends plus their little sidekicks come back for yet another episode of How To Keep a Mummy.

This time it is all about setting up basically a nursery for the collection of creatures they have, knowing that they like being together and that its hard for them on their own Sora comes up with the idea of taking them to a local shrine to be looked after by the Shrine’s god.

It all goes well until the door gets nudged open and Mii-kun goes to investigate a Ladybug.

I loved that there was another Oni child and that they went wandering off and we got to see loads of different creatures including a nine-tailed fox and if I wasn’t mistaken a Ittan Momen flying around. It was, other then the nine-tailed fox, the only creature I recognized.

Which also means you are getting a make up addition of 5 Things… Starring my favourite Japanese Folktale creatures/spirits/things because it made me remember just how many crazy ones I’ve heard about and I want to talk about them.

It was a beautiful episode focused on a small adventure with Mii-kun but also reminding us that these creatures are plentiful. Its easy to forget that when you just see these ones but as was said earlier on in the series they come out in front of people other creatures have told them are safe to appear in front of so we aren’t going to see them too much when the human characters are around. I’d like to see more of that but I guess it isn’t a important part of the anime really.

Loved the idea of a day care thing for them and the fact that the Oni child just seemed to be a bit lonely so wanted to look after Mii-kun who he thought was lost and alone too was heartbreaking for me. When Mii-kun left him the note it was adorable, a picture of the two together saying thank you. I loved that the Oni Child hung it up in his bedroom. Its sad to think he is alone and I kind of hope that we see the day care thing again and see that other creatures like the Oni child come out to spend time with them.

That would be nice.

My favourite episode so far just because it was so beautiful really.


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