Junji Ito Collection : Painter / Blood Bubble Bushes

Episode 9

I feel like I’m forever saying sorry for being late but the end of the world in the UK because of snow has actually left me pretty out of it so I’m just about catching up with everything now when I have a chance.

Painter is the story of Mori, a painter who ends up having to paint a model named Tomie who is obsessed with finding someone who can make her beauty permanent.

It felt to begin with that the story was going to be one of obsession with Mori becoming obsessed with painting Tomie after she leaves and insults him and then tracking down the new artist that is bringing out sculptures of Tomie but it turned out to be just as strange as everything else.

Made me laugh actually when he chopped her up and created loads of Tomie’s. I kinda wanted to just see a army of her just rise up and destroy the world. The photograph that was taken of her and Mori’s final painting of her were awesome though and the ending was so grim.

I’ve never read any of the stories about her, not surprising as I’ve admitted to only have read a few of his stories, but I know Tomie in general is one of the most popular sets of stories and that the two OVA’s that are meant to be coming out after the series ends is meant to be her stories so it confused me why they’d waste a spot in the series on a story about her when she’s getting two OVA’s anyway.

Blood Bubble Bushes is actually really interesting though. This guy is somehow able to make people into bushes that produce their blood. I don’t know who or what the guy is, is he a vampire or just crazy? Never really goes into him, the story of the woman he loved was sweet though who knows how much of that is true.

When you are infected you either turn into a bush or eat your own fruit and basically turn into vampires. It was a interesting concept and a story I would love to know more about. I didn’t find it creepy or anything it was just interesting.

A really good week which makes up for a few poor weeks. Both stories were really interesting and the visuals were amazing.

Shame the second story didn’t have more detail to it really, I would have loved to know more about the guy or why he was doing what he was doing. Was it really so he could keep the memory of the woman he loved alive, was he a vampire, is it something completely different?

Either way I enjoyed it.


3 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection : Painter / Blood Bubble Bushes”

    1. No they just did one part of the story, purely the Painter bit. They are doing two OVA’s to cover more of the Tomie story though.

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