Overlord II : A Boy’s Feeling

Episode 8

“Shōnen no Omoi” (少年の思い)

Sebas is in trouble after Solution reported him to Ainz, things are moving forward at a rapid pace all around the Capital so it might be time that Ainz showed up anyway.

Just this episode didn’t really have much to do with that, in fact it was like that never happened.

This episode served to bring Sebas, Climb and Unglaus together and it is a formidable team. Sebas is obviously programmed to be over the top strong whilst Unglaus, the guy that Shalltear was trying to get in the first season before she was taken over, is strong in his own way. Climb has something that Unglaus doesn’t have and whilst he might be the weaker of the three he has the need to win to prove himself for the Princess.

Really enjoyed the episode to be honest. I liked the talk that Climb had with Blue Rose, Evileye and Gagaran are pretty cool characters. They along with Sebas did a lot in teaching us who Climb really is, they all basically have the same kind of advice for him which is that he doesn’t really have a base talent therefore he needs to find his own way. He’s like a level 1 character that hasn’t been given its skill points yet because the player isn’t too sure what they want to play but then hasn’t been able to give him the skill points when they decided on being a warrior.

Personally I think he’s a fine warrior.

Thought Sebas training him in the alley was pretty cool, the whole bit with them three was awesome and then them fighting off the assassins was a great way to end the episode. They decide to team up to take down Succulent and Six Arms which again is going to be a big problem for Ainz.

Is it just me or has Ainz not been in the series very much? Maybe this is why I don’t like it so much. I feel like the story now focusing on Sebas has made it better and I’ve really liked it since the focus switched but you can go long periods of time without seeing Ainz in this series and its weird. I mean he’s the title character after all. I’m guessing we won’t see what he does with Solutions information until after Sebas does what he has to do, then again I’m not too sure Sebas is going to win whatever fight he is going into. Maybe that will be it? Maybe Ainz will show up to save the day and take the credit to make his legend even greater?

It would have been nice to have flashed over to Ainz at some point and seen how he is taking Solutions message though. It would have been nice just to see something of him or his other Guardians.

Not that I didn’t like the story well enough I just feel it was missing even the tinest of scenes with Ainz trying to come to terms with what is going on with Sebas. As it is we’ll either not see him again in next weeks episode or we’ll see him come to save the day.

Part of me doesn’t want him to have to save the day, I like that people are seeing Sebas do these things and that he himself might become a thing of legend. He sticks up for those who have no voice and now he’s going to take down a criminal organisation that causes pain to many. He saved a prostitute and helped turn her around and now he’s hanging out with a super strong swordsman and the Princess body guard.

In some ways the Legend of Sebas is much cooler then anything Ainz has or will do.


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