Kokkoku : The Eighth Moment

Episode 8

It isn’t looking good right now for anyone as Sagawa is pushed to actually do whatever it is he was planning on doing all along.

What he was planning seems to be to transform himself into a Handler.

I don’t really get his plan to be honest or what he hopes to achieve with all this but its happened. He’s able to control the spirit inside him enough that he has the strength and ability of a Handler but his own free will, he’s able to kill people without them having to have the intent to harm the Stalled. I don’t even think he has to show up IF someone is about to hurt the Stalled or there are any other Handler’s about but I’m not sure if that was purely because Juri showed up in time to stop the guy from getting close enough to killing Tsubasa.

We know that he has the ability to sense people with the jellyfish inside of them, it isn’t something Juri and co know though so they are doing in to a war with him blind.

They really are going to fight him too.

That show down is going to be interesting but this episode was more of just a preview of what could and will happen.

Takafumi on the other hand continues to be the worlds worst person.

Even his grandson disapproves of him just trying to steal things yet he doesn’t get it. He wants everything for nothing and is planning by the looks of it to use Makoto as leverage. He’s fully aware that he has to learn how to use the stone from his father yet he’s unaware that absolutely everyone in his family knows he’s a joke and he isn’t going to get his own way. He’s a coward, he’s a layabout and good for nothing and his intent to harm the stalled called the Handlers out within seconds.

I don’t want anything good to happen to that guy.

The biggest part of this episode though is that Sagawa was fully aware that the person he needed out of the picture was the Granddad so he made a plan and was able to get some of his blood to cast him out of Stasis.

He’s the only one that really knows anything about Stasis so it’ll be fun seeing how any of them cope without him and his instant teleportation.

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