IPW:UK : Parade of Champions

So its a snow day and IPW have given us 24hr free access to their Parade of Champions show. I thought seeing I have nothing better to do I’d give it a watch.

Winner :  Cara Noir (DQ)

It was a great and funny match.

Really liked the theatrics of Cara Noir and the crazy things he did like licking Sabian and later on wiping him down with a wet wipe because Sabian had put deep heat on himself and licking him all over again.

Yes I’m really writing that sentence and it honestly was one of the crazy things I loved about the match.

Both Sabian and Noir though were fantastic. It was a pretty fast paced match and Sabian is extremely exciting to watch. He’s one of those wrestlers who you can never really tell what he’s going to do because he’ll hit you with the most random of moves out of nowhere.

Honestly though… The egg thing…

In the end Cara Noir wins by DQ after the tag team champions came out and attacked him. Not sure why anyone would want to get in his face seeing he’ll probably spit egg into their mouths.

Winners : MnM

I love the SCC. It was fast and crazy but I loved the bit in the corner (this is where I get real technical as you can already tell) where Sixx threw Dunn at Mayhew (?) and Dunn landed on his shoulders and did a hurricanrana out of it.

MnM and SCC were just so seamless in their double team action it was crazy.

Did love when Sixx went for a chokeslam, they all then went for a chokeslam, they then ended up nearly chokeslamming their own partners before kicking each other. It was like they were fighting in a mirror and I loved it.

Tag team wrestling is my favourite division as I’ve said about 100 times in the past and its nice to see how healthy the British scene is. These two teams were just breathlessly amazing.

After confusion with the legal man Connor Mills gets the pin on Sixx to win the match for MnM.

Winner : Sha Samuels

You see I love heel Adam SOOOO much. I love that man because he’s as far from the arrogant shit he plays in wrestling, he’s actually one of the most loveliest men in the world but he plays this role so well. I always said he’d be a fantastic heel.

Adam not wanting to fight Sha was great and the fact that Sha just got to beat the shit out of Adam was hilarious, the bit at the bar was just perfect.

It didn’t surprise me that Sha just kind of destroyed Adam. Really enjoyed the match so much.


I laughed. I can’t help it I just had to laugh. It was meant to be really awe inspiring I guess but I just laughed. It was so funny whilst being pretty amazing.

Funnily I once was a giant Aldis fan but I stopped watching TNA before he became a big thing there and now I have problems seeing him more then Magnus or Oblivion. I can’t help it. Its like seeing Eric Young and just remembering the Don’t Fire Eric stuff.

Winner : Nick Aldis

What a fantastic match. I said in the BLW review where I saw Aldis vs Harlem Bravado that Aldis has this way of making his opponent look like the greatest wrestler in the world…

Well you all know I think Starr is probably one of the greatest wrestlers in the world anyway but man was he fantastic in this match.

It was a pure wrestling match showcasing all the best of Starr without much of his showboating or crazy things.

The Product Placement in the ropes was fantastic, it didn’t lead to much as a reversal later he was in the Cloverleaf and tapping out. What a wonderful match though.

David Starr really is a delight to watch though.

Winner : Luke Phoenix

Devlin is amazing. I can’t watch a Phoenix match anymore without rolling my eyes, I just don’t like the guy. Thankfully though he mainly got his ass kicked by Devlin who is just scary good.

All the chops to Phoenix’s chest were scary though, the guys chest went purple. I know it ain’t Walter levels of scary but its scary still.

Phoenix won though. Yay for Phoenix.

Winners : The Collective

So whilst Amir Jordan was busy getting his team to dance The Collective once more attacked from behind. They were the guys that attacked Cara Noir.

It was a good match. The Collective are… Well a Collective, they kind of swarmed the ring and even when there was long periods when only one of them were in the ring they just felt like there was always all three of them there constantly.

Castle was my favourite guy in the match, he was brilliant. Pretty sure I’ve seen Sammy Smooth live before and he was decent, I can’t even really remember what the other one did or even his name so yeah.

In the end though Never Say Die and Jordan couldn’t beat the champions. I would say they outnumbered their opponents but they were 3 on 3. It was just how it felt.


Rob Sharpe got a booboo and couldn’t wrestle. Sexsmith doing his Samuels impression was great but it wasn’t long before they were interrupted.

Mark Lloyd representing the Anti Fun Police was there to shut down the Filthy Club for the night. Sad times because boy did I love Filthy Club.

The spanking… Oh the spanking.


We got to see a really good confrontation between the two where Haskins talks about when he got hurt and how Aries taught him how to be ruthless.

He’s actually fucking amazing ain’t he?

Winner : Austin Aries

What a contest this was.

Haskins was just never going to give up. Constantly Aries went for the Last Chancery and couldn’t get Haskins to tap, Haskins himself couldn’t put Aries down. They threw everything at each other but it was just pointless.

I really thought that Haskins would have him a few times, he really fought so hard for the title, I haven’t seen a single IPW match before this but I got the story and just how hard Haskins was fighting to beat someone he just couldn’t beat.

Really liked the ending of the match too. The quick roll up after Haskins thought about winning the belt the wrong way, not that I think he’d have ever got away with it as the ref seemed pretty clued up from the moment he picked up the belt. It was a sad ending to a match full of so much respect and emotion.

Great main event.


Really love the commentator. I mean I’ve been talking about commentating a lot since I started watching 5* Wrestling and complaining about Greg Lambert so I thought it would be wrong not to point out how amazing this guy was ON HIS OWN.

All the matches were absolutely fantastic and I can’t really pick one I liked more. If you held a gun to my head it would be the tag team match as I really loved MnM vs SCC, the styles were just so perfect together and it was great fun.

Been meaning to pick up the subscription for IPW and this pretty much cements that I should do it.

It was nice that IPW gave us a free show, it was a good show too with plenty of exciting action.

I’m sorry that the Final Thoughts and final match aren’t really that great but I went outside and nearly froze to death and can’t really concentrate anymore. You just need to know that if you missed out on the free stream you should buy it because it was brilliant.

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