Big League Wrestling : Reload

So I’ve been threatening to attend a Big League Wrestling show since they first debuted and it never quite happened. Its sad that it never happened but it never did.

NOW thanks to the kindness of Rich and Karla I have finally made it to one of their shows!

Lets talk about ReLoad…

Winners : Adam Maxted & Chris Andrews

What a match to start the night off with. These four guys are four of the absolute top talent in the UK right now and they really started the night off with a bang.

Apparently this was one of the first times (THE First time?) that Maxted and Andrews tagged together but they just worked so well as a team. I mean I always say, and will always say, that Adam Maxted has the best drop kick in the UK but he’s ALWAYS been closely followed by Chris Andrews so when they drop kicked in unison I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

It was a great match though. The majority of offence went to Team GB who used their obvious weight advantage to corner Maxted and keep the heat on him. The hot tag to Andrews gave us plenty of amazing moments that reminded us just why Andrews is the Devon Powerhouse. Some fantastic double team moves by both teams… On any other show this would have been the main event and it would have overshadowed anything else that came before it.

Just a fantastic match.

Maxted and Andrews won the belts off of Grizzly and Mastiff, Grizzly made his intentions of winning the rumble known as well. Great opener.

Winner : Luke Phoenix

Luke Phoenix….

I don’t get him and I never have. He’s good, I guess, but there is something about him that makes everything look really odd. Now he’s ACTING odd too, not even coming down to “I am the Doctor” my second favourite Doctor’s theme music could make me like him in the slightest. He’s just odd and weird to watch.

Whilst Jake McCluskey is like watching Austin Aries to be honest. So many times in the match it just reminded me of Aries.

Didn’t really like the match though because, again, Phoenix just… I can’t even explain it I just can’t watch his matches and like him. It isn’t even that he’s bad or that I dislike his character I just dislike something about how he just generally is. Its inexplicable.

Winner : Nick Aldis

I saw Harlem Bravado at the UPW show I went to and didn’t enjoy the match at all. It was a completely different side to him against Aldis and to be honest Aldis made him look like the best thing going. Not that he isn’t better then the UPW match but I’ve noticed in the few NWA matches that Aldis has had in the UK he keeps himself on the back foot so that the local talent, or not so local I guess when it comes to Bravado, can really shine and show what they are made of.

Match never made me feel like Aldis might lose the belt which is always a problem with matches like this. I kinda believed it for Grizzly at Chaos but going in you knew that whatever happened Aldis was walking out with the belt and it took some of the steam out of the match.

Didn’t stop it being a belter though and completely changed my mind on Bravado. His mic skills as well are just amazing.

Winner : Jamie Hayter

The women very nearly stole the show.

Loved the mind games at the beginning with Raymond not coming out to her music, getting Hayter all riled up and then attacking from behind. The prolonged start to the match on the outside before the bell had rung was great too.

Both of these women are super talented and it was a bit of a David and Goliath match with you wondering how Hayter was going to be able to topple the much taller, and to be honest more aggressive, Raymond.

Impressive match from both, a good win for Hayter, lovely show of respect after the match too and nice to hear that Hayter is now in a South-West Exclusive contract with BLW and also that 5 Star Wrestling was “scouting” during that match.

I remember the first time I saw Hayter I had nothing but positive things to say about her, I could see she was going to be a big star and remember even talking to Lewis about her potential and how good she was. So very happy to see she’s made BLW her home and that she’s obviously getting better by the match. Very much believe she’s going to be a big star in the UK sooner then later.

Winner : MVP

I love a good Rumble I do as everyone knows and this one was real fun.

Not going to pretend I know half the guys names that was in there but boy did I love all of them.

Josh Bodom, I need to tell everyone in the world this, distracted me the WHOLE match. Well… The entire time he was in there anyway and he was in there for a while. The man looks like a manager I have at work, I have officially renamed him #FakeTom for that reason and even though my phone was at this point on 4% battery I was determined to get a good photo of him to show everyone at work. He’s bloody talented though.

A computer keyboard was brought to the ring and destroyed within seconds.

Mastiff eliminated Grizzly which made Grizzly extremely angry, get back in the ring and eliminate his tag partner.

Whoever the second commentator was, the one that wasn’t Josh, he eliminated #FakeTom and basically brawled him all the way to the backstage area.

I finally saw Rob Sharpe wrestle, now it wasn’t for IPW or DEFIANT it was for BLW, the moment the Magnums watched him grind up against whoever it was he had in the corner and decided they wanted to be BFFs with him my heart just jumped. Dicks face was hilarious, Sharpe broke their hearts by eliminating poor Chris Walker who was fantastic and looks amazing. Like I nearly didn’t recognise him.

Gangrel was a surprise entrant at number 20 (the last guy in) I was just going to cry at this point because I’d missed him because of a work meeting when he came to Exeter last year and I never thought I’d get to see him but here I am, happily able to say that I’ve seen him live in the ring. Got quite a decent photo of him spitting out his stuff too.

MVP won, it was crazy, I missed half the eliminations and Josh Knott is now a cowboy.

Yeah… I didn’t get a photo of that but I’m all for Josh Knott as a cowboy. How he’s come about being a Cowboy I have no idea but for my nieces sake I have to support Knott no matter what. He actually looked really good too, came in made a instant impression. Laugh all we want at the gimmick he’s going for he’s still a very underrated wrestler.

I loved it.


First up I want to say PERSONALLY I have never really had a problem with any promoter down here. I don’t write reviews and sugar coat it because I want promoters to like me or shit like that. I write reviews for the same reason I write them for anime or TV shows. I basically write these things for me and whether you lot like them or not I don’t freakin’ care.

Regardless of who is a bad guy and who is a good guy I’ve personally never EVER had a problem with any promoter I’ve talked to, I’ve enjoyed the majority of shows I’ve been to and I try and look for positives even in the bad because that is just the kind of person I am.

I really loved BLW, for the same reasons I always loved PWA and Pride, for the same reason I loved my one visit to UPW AND CPW (and half a visit to Chaos.)

Lewis, the promoter, was a sweetheart and always around pre-show to sort anything out for fans. I’ve never been to his show before, he knows me via this blog basically and yet the instant he saw me he knew who I was and welcomed me to the show. Karla asked if we could have our MVP meet and greets on the floor as neither of us want to get in the ring, I’ve spoken at length about my anxiety about getting in the ring after attempting to a few times and every time nearly falling on my ass because I’m uncoordinated, he sorted it and all the people there for the meet and greet were lovely about it.

Show was fantastic, then again I’m going to be biased because he basically had nearly every single wrestler I support in the South-West on the card and they are just a fantastic bunch. Big Grizzly, Dick Riley, Eddie Ryan, Chris Andrews, Adam Maxted and Dave Mastiff are just superstars who deserve to be in the limelight all the time. You can’t really go wrong with such a strong line up.

They started the night off with a match I’ve already put down as a potential match of the year for me with the tag team bout. Ended the night with the surprise entrance of Gangrel which basically made me want to explode because I missed him when he came down to Exeter with Pride and I thought I’d never get the chance to see the guy again. Honestly without even knowing it they made one of my dreams come true.

Adam Maxted is the loveliest man on the planet even if he isn’t as handsome as Travis Banks, don’t worry Adam I’m sure one day you might come second to him, specially with the rate Mark Davis is getting killed by people like Walter. He honestly always has time for all his fans, or ass holes like me who insult his prettiness.

I was SO happy to see Chris Walker because that man is just brilliant. Makes me giggle but he’s so underrated as a wrestler too. Hoping now the Magnums are no longer together, kinda, that he gets some singles love too. I mean I love him and I’m gonna be biased towards him but I know he isn’t as good as Dick, lets face it not many can be that amazing and still be a hidden gem, we still need all the love for Chris though.

Would I go to another of their shows?

Of course I would. Hell I’m going CPW and people think I hate them.

Am I going to one of their shows?

Lets face it the way work is now its a wonder I do much more then go to work. Hell even when I had three weeks off work I was on here nearly every day complaining about not being at work.

You, yes YOU, should go to one of their shows though. I get the feeling that every single one of them is a must see event and you really will miss out not going to see them.

2 thoughts on “Big League Wrestling : Reload”

  1. It definitely sounded like a great show. Lewis is doing some good work. I’m a big fan of Adam and Chris especially, as I think they are both fantastic guys.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Ayesha/Page match, as from what I’ve heard, it was a corker.

    Ed The Ref.

    1. Yeah I was extremely impressed with the show as a whole.

      Love Adam and Chris, and you heard right, the girls really stole the show in a lot of ways. Such a great match.

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