Overlord II : Blue Roses

Episode 7

“Aoi no Bara” (蒼の薔薇)

Its heating up in the Capital as the war against Eight Fingers and the war against do-gooder Sebas begins.

I might have underestimated how important this fight against Eight Fingers was. I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together but the Blue Roses, the women that burnt down the production plant in the last episode, actually belong to the Princess and its her that is taking the fight to Eight Fingers whilst her brothers do nothing.

So Sebas taking down Eight Fingers or bringing Ainz to the fight against them actually might put them in a very powerful position.

Unfortunately Solution doesn’t see it that way. Solution can’t see past her own failings and by the end of the episode when the repercussions for taking in Tuare finally hit home she doesn’t just report Sebas but tells Ainz that he’s turned on them.

I don’t get how what he’s done really means he’s turned on them but she’s got proof.

Personally I don’t get what Sebas is thinking but at the same time Ainz himself is going to understand, after all he only helped Carne Village after being reminded of Sebas’s creator and his motto of helping those that need help. That, so far, is all that Sebas has done. There has been nothing else as far as I can tell that has shown him be anything but loyal to Ainz. I actually am a little annoyed I’ve caught up with the anime because I really want to know what Ainz is going to do and where they go from this.

It seems that Tuare is just being used as a maid at the moment so she is just going to be the face that launches a war.

What I find fascinating is that slaver trade and prostitution seem to be illegal in this city yet the person who owned Tuare waltz in to the mansion with some high up lord demanding that they get Tuare or the mistress of the mansion (Solution) because Sebas has done something illegal. It doesn’t take a leap of a genius to second guess what was happening to Tuare so I don’t get how they think they’ve got the upper hand at all, its a weird one.

I mean I would have liked to see what Sebas comes up with to battle them but he’s going to have his hand forced now because Ainz knows what is happening. I just don’t really want to wait to find out. I wish this had been the beginning of the season and I could have happily waited a life time to see the Lizardmen bore me to death.

Solution is a bit of a bitch no?

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