Week 9 Question : Can Food Be Art?

Art is subjective so could food be art?

Its pretty easy really. Anything can be art if someone wants to view it that way. I know people who make their meals look nice and to some people that would be art. Just like someone taking a photo of the sky can be art. Rubbish piled in a art gallery is art.

Personally the question really is whether or not it should be viewed as art.

As long as there is no waste and its being eaten then there is no reason why it can’t be. I don’t see the point of it to be honest, food is there to be eaten but if people want to waste money on expensive plates of food done up like art then who am I to judge. Rather have a messy plate of food I’ll eat then something really artsy that might have wasted a bunch of food to make.

Art can be anything though so it doesn’t really matter overall. Whatever anyone wants to be art can be art.


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