Overlord II : Those Who Pick Up, Those Who Are Picked Up

Episode 6

“Hirou mono, Hirowa reru mono” (拾う者、拾われる者)

With the Lizardmen now under control of Cocytus I do hope we move away from their boring story and explore something different, something new…

Thanks to Sebas we do.

Actually really intrigued by the situation he gets himself in, he’s now muddled up with a group called Eight Fingers. He’s picked up a prostitute that they were having disposed or whatever and takes her back, fixes her up. Even was warned against it but continued on his path anyway. Of course as we know from Season 1 his creator, Touch Me, believed in helping those in need so its just in his nature.

Solution isn’t happy, I had to laugh at her threatening the girl, really all of Ainz minions are terrible for looking down on humans, I guess it really can’t be helped as I believe that Ainz told us in the first season that you had to be a non-human to be in the Guild so it isn’t like their creations had to deal with humans. Sebas is different, he doesn’t discriminate though what he plans on doing I don’t know, he’s meant to be bait for whoever attacked Shalltear but now he’s bringing the Guild a fight against a new threat, one that isn’t even really that important in the bigger picture.

Thought the glimpse of Eight Fingers and its personal was interesting. Lots of crazy vibes from them. Looks like its only the tip of the iceberg that is going to come down on Sebas this time out, hoping the old dude can deal with it alright.

A pretty simple episode, not got much to say about it really. Was cool seeing Sebas and a different part of the world though, can’t see why he’d bring Ainz into it even when it starts to go downhill so can’t wait to see how Sebas handles it all.

Plus if Tuare is going to be Overlords Helen of Troy as it is I wonder if she’s going to be more useful in the future then purely being a pretty face that belonged to a criminal organisation that Sebas saves and starts a war over? I’d like to know more about her but I also don’t think she’s going to be much more important then the catalyst for a fight between Eight Fingers and Sebas.

Will be cool to see Solution fight again though. I still think her sucking that guy into her chest in season 1 is hilarious.


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