Overlord II : The Freezing God

Episode 5

“Hyōketsu no Bushin” (氷結の武神)

So the Lizardmen are going to come face-to-face with Cocytus. This should be a interesting bloodbath!

It was actually pretty scary when you think about it.

Cocytus has been in the background the majority of this time and we’ve only seen the power of one of the Guardians really so far. How easy it was for Cocytus to kill all those Lizardmen was just amazing. I loved how he was so respectful the whole time too, I mean he was pretty up front about it all and kept to his word. His line about usually facing his foes with two weapons but knowing they are too weak for him to bother unsheathing another sword was great.

Whilst I was happy to see Zaryusu dead he was soon alive again. Plus Crusch didn’t seem too upset about him being dead. It all kind of felt real pointless. Everything was really polite, the love of her life that we had to see having sex with her earlier in the episode, oh yes because we couldn’t have just ignored her stupid request at the end of the episode before, is dead but she’s there happy to bow to Ainz and be all loyal to him.

For me that probably is a problem with the Lizardmen. I probably haven’t paid enough attention to them because they are boring to know that this is something they would just do. I don’t really care if it is something they would just do. I don’t care. My biggest problem in the first give episodes is there is nothing to care about.

Last episode made me happy to see Ainz and his Guardians get more time in the episode and its the same with this episode. I loved the moment in the temporary base where he makes Shalltear be his chair and all that. I liked him wondering who he was going to make have the sex talk with Aura and Mare after seeing Zaryusu and Crusch have sex. I thought that the fighting was great.

I just wish the Lizardmen would fuck the hell off because I’m sick to the back teeth of them and now that they have pledged their loyalty to Ainz and Cocytus is in charge of them, plus we’re entering the second half of the season I am hoping, beyond all friggin’ hope, that we’ll move on and get to see something else. More interesting. Less stupid.


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