Recommendations Needed!

So for people who have been following us for a while you know that we started a series we called Anime Flashback were we basically watched old anime and reviewed a episode weekly.

Only did two officially, Penguindrum and Death Note, and we have Cowboy Bebop in the works but we want to know anime that YOU want us to cover.

It doesn’t have to be a classic, old or anything like that just a complete series.

Just pop a few suggestions for us and you can even ask for who you want to do it! (For example I usually do slice of life because Luc hates them but you an also force it on him *hint hint*) .

Let us know!


7 thoughts on “Recommendations Needed!”

  1. Slice of life, huh? Haha….
    Maid Dragon is pretty good.
    Oh hey, you could do Love Live! I’m sure it would be torture for whoever doesn’t like cute girls. 😁 I found it enjoyable though.

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