Overlord II : Army of Death

Episode 4

“Shi no Gunzei” (死の軍勢)

With Cocytus defeated there needs to be a new plan to defeat the Lizardmen.

OK I admit that my reviews of this season so far have been less informative and more moaning because I don’t like the Lizard Men but I REALLY don’t like them and the story has really disappointed.

I would love to meet people who care about this romance going on with Zaryusu and Crusch because personally I look at it and wonder why they bothered. Its pointless.

Thing is I find them boring. I get that they wanted to give us a insight into their world, their cultures and history before bringing them into the fold as part of Ainz new domination plans. I get all that. Whilst I find them boring to watch I could have dealt with that. The love story is sloppy and put in for who knows what reason, probably a emotional crack for Ainz to insert his crowbar into, but its forced. They fall in love instantly? Not really, Zaryusu did and it become too much of a thing at a important time in a story that was boring enough as it is. Then there is some serious boring ass couple stuff going on between two people, who both think they are about to die, who don’t know each other.

Just don’t like it and it marred a otherwise OK episode when it ends with her deciding she wants to be impregnated by a guy she doesn’t even know.

Just pointless crap.

Episode wise though I was happy with Ainz being more of a focus, we get to see Victim and Gargantua and to be honest Gargantua is used in the perfect way.

Cocytus took Demiurge’s advice and thought about why he lost and relayed that back to Ainz. Even Ainz is impressed because he knows that Cocytus isn’t programmed to have the ability to see flaws in his strategy and everything else so the reality that they are kind of breaking their programming a little and growing independently is dawning on him, he even has to question whether they’ll forever be loyal to him. It was nice to see Cocytus shine a bit though, he’s usually in the background but he came up with the idea of instead of killing the Lizardmen to make them work for Ainz Ooal Gown, of course Demiurge had to finalize Cocytus’s thoughts for him and come up with the actual plan of action but I can deal with that.

Ainz show of strength to scare the Lizardmen was fantastic. It was over the top and impressive. Loved the use of Gargantua.

The Lizardmen deciding to send a handful of people because they could sense that Ainz would only want to kill a group and that they would be able to save more if they didn’t sacrifice a great deal was interesting and played perfectly into Ainz hands. Kinda wish that Zaryusu or Crusch would die but know they won’t.

Favourite part of the season so far was watching Demiurge just destroy the two brothers by speaking. That and the goodbyes from the Guardians, perfectly summed up their individual personalities for me and made me hope we get more of them all soon.

4 episodes in and I’m not as impressed as I was with the first season.


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