Overlord II : The Dawn of Despair

Episode 1

“Zetsubō no Makuake” (絶望の幕開け)

Finally starting to catch up with Season 2. Ainz is going to move ever on in his struggles to make a name for himself, mostly to try and find other players but probably in the end purely to dominate the land they are in. He made enemies and friends in the last season but as he doesn’t truly know a single thing about the people he faces his inability to vision himself losing might be his downfall.

We see a bunch of different places gearing up for various different purposes in this episode including Gazef whose King wants to meet Ainz to show gratitude for helping save Gazef.

It seems that Ainz will be kept busy all season long and forever more the way things look.

Ainz himself doesn’t really seem to have much of a plan going forward. He knows that he can’t let his guard down for a second in any direction, the Sunlight Scripture seems the most pressing threat because of a retaliation for Carne Village but Ainz also doesn’t realise the impact of the Shalltear episode seeing he doesn’t know who or what was controlling her and word of his possible strength has reached some weirdo in the Black Scripture who wants to find a man who can beat her so she can have a kid with him.

Seriously we do not need another person trying to get the undead daddy juices of Ainz in this show thank you.

Its a nice return to the action for those who actually watched Season 1 when it aired, Albedo and Ainz talk over most of what we found out last season, we get a update on what the other Guardians are doing, Demiurge is out experimenting making parchment and Shalltear having not been punished is trying to drink herself stupid just alcohol has no effect on her, we see that they are making a dummy Nazarick which seems a really smart plan but other then that nothing new or exciting happens.

Still I enjoyed it. After a disappointing end to Season 1 in my opinion this brought it back to its usual fun and intriguing self.

Not sure on the Lizardmen though. They don’t seem all that interesting. I know that at the end of last season they decided that they were going to kill them and make them a undead army but actually focusing on them means we’ll have to deal with them and individual Lizardmen stories and I have a feeling I’m just not going to like it whatever it is.

Hopefully I’m wrong.

Loved the Dragon though. He wasn’t part of the Lizardmen just for clarity. Him and Rigrit seemed the most interesting new characters to be honest and I want to see more of the part of the world they belong to.


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