Overlord II : Lizard Men, Gathering

Episode 3

“Tsudou, Rizādoman” (集う、蜥蜴人)

I don’t like the Lizardmen, I find them tedious to have to watch and the blooming love at first sight story with Zaryusu and Crusch made my eyes roll out of my skull.

Its boring. So the title of this episode fills me with dread.

To be pretty honest I tuned out through the majority of the episode.

I don’t know why I find them so bland but the Lizardmen and their problems just don’t interest me.

Maybe its because I’m tuning in to see what Ainz is up to not to see a pathetic attempt at a love story between a whiny boring Lizardman and a childish stupid Lizardwoman.

I tuned back in for the battle and to see that Cocytus underestimated the Lizardmen. To be fair they all did and Cocytus was told to stay back and just send in the undead army which obviously weren’t really being commanded like a proper army so got destroyed pretty easily. Demiurge told Cocytus maybe the point was that Ainz wanted Cocytus to think for himself and learn something about the Lizardmen which seems to have in some way lit a spark in the Guardian’s mind to better himself.

Took me to this episode to realise whilst watching the opening that it looks like they might have a similar thing to Shalltear in this season just with Demiurge and his talk with Eclair in the last episode as well as the one with Cocytus in this one might be the start of something. Of all the minions he is the one that seems to have his own mind and to be looking at it all from a different angle.

I mean fair enough Albedo is madly in love with Ainz, as is Shalltear to a point. The twins seem to be very childish and Cocytus doesn’t seem to be the brightest. It only really leaves Demiurge to think around Ainz and find his own free will, if any of them do it’ll be him for sure.

I would say I can’t wait to see how Ainz takes this news of defeat but I just don’t care anymore. I really don’t care. At all.

Though back to my original thoughts on whether or not this growing independent thinking with Demiurge might turn into something bigger. I doubt it but if Demiurge can convince Cocytus to think for himself and the others start to follow suit will they forever stay loyal to Ainz? Will at some point they realise that even though they are self aware of the world around them that they have to some extent and for lack of better words, become like Ainz? He might be a Supreme Being but for all intents and purposes now he’s just like them, there is nothing special about him anymore. He’s slightly stronger then most of them and there is still gaming things in place that act more like cheats for him then anything else but he actually has little to no real power.

I doubt it will be a thing. Specially if they have to bore us to death with Lizardmen all season long.


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