Overlord II : Departure

Episode 2

“Tabidachi” (旅立ち)

So the name Ainz Ooal Gown has spread but so far it doesn’t look like we have any other players in the world. His wishes that a friend will be there somewhere are growing more and more slim. He does have some strange creature hoping to have his babies though, so that makes the third strange creature wanting to have his babies.

What can you do?

This whole episode was basically Lizardmen and it was boring as hell. I get they need to make alliances with the other tribes and it was semi-interesting to find out about the tribes and the war they fought as well as how the Red Eyes had stayed out of that war but it just ended up being so boring.

I don’t care that for some reason we have to care that Zaryusu is in love with this albino Lizard called Crusch. I don’t want to know about it, I don’t want to see it. It was pointless and a distraction not needed. I don’t really know why we need to know about the Lizardmen at all, if Ainz is going to kill them all you’d think he’d just do it by now.

Nothing about this episode interested me.

I lie a little, the small bits with the Guardians was interesting but they were so small and pointless. Cocytus feels like he needs to prove himself just because Demiurge was able to make scrolls, Demiurge seems to be a extremely resourceful NPC and we’ve always known that so it isn’t surprising that he can do things like this. We haven’t really seen much of what Cocytus is good at or for so I guess we’re going to see some character development for him in this season which is something new.

Just don’t like this focus on the Lizardmen, we didn’t even see Ainz in this episode. With him still treating the world like it isn’t real it just feels odd that we’re getting so much screen time for tribes he wants to wipe out and NPCs that mean nothing to him because he can just resurrect them at will.

At the moment not liking the season so far.


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