Junji Ito Collection : Honored Ancestors / The Circus Comes to Town

Episode 8

Another week and another two random episodes of horror from Junji Ito.

This week wasn’t too bad to be honest. Neither were outstanding but both had their strong points.

Honored Ancestors had the creep factor going from pretty much the start, especially with that creepy caterpillar thing that snuck into the girls room which ended up being more of a reminder of something much creepier that she would probably been happy to forget. The crawling sound the dad made and the final reveal that they’d been cutting their heads off and attaching it to themselves for generations was just….



It wasn’t easy to watch. For starters because it was just so long winded, there was a lot of talking involved and the visual and audio creeps weren’t a constant. The ending was just nightmare fuel though, especially when he was crab walking towards her. It was just freaky. It also just left you with your own imagination of what is going to happen to Risa seeing she freaked out and pretty much got stuck with him.

I mean I NEVER want to see what happened to her but my imagination is not nice.

The Circus one was interesting. Become obvious early on that the point was that everyone was going to die and the crowd, which was full of males, was going to replace them.

When you realised that it was just sitting through it and wincing at that knife guy knowing he was going to kill the “beauty” and himself.

Two very decent stories but nothing too exciting. I still am not too sure how much I am enjoying the series over all but its always fun to see what you get. There isn’t much to say this week the stories were pretty straight forward and whilst they did their job they also just weren’t interesting enough to want to talk about!

Hoping next week we get a second story to some of the ones that have more then one story with them. I want to see the Fashion Model again.


2 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection : Honored Ancestors / The Circus Comes to Town”

    1. Yeah some of the stories have been well done, others not so much and there are some strange picks in there too. Not enough time on some stories as well. Been a bit of a mixed bag really.

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