How to Keep a Mummy (Miira No Kaikata) : Scary Dreams Are Okay Because I’m Not Alone

Episode 7

“Kowai yumemite mo hitoriji yanaikaradaijobu” (こわい夢みてもひとりじゃないからだいじょぶ)

The final piece of our puzzle comes into play in this episode when we finally meet Tachiaki Daichi, the grumpy guy from a few episodes ago…

He isn’t really grumpy though he just has nightmares so has never really slept. It was kind of sad, you can see how lonely and disorientated he was and he was lashing out because he knew he’d lash out.

A all too familiar feeling to be honest.

Sora doesn’t know the meaning of giving up though and before you know it he’s in Tachiaki’s house helping him clean his room of all he charms he’s put up, including ones to keep Baku out which Sora found funny seeing Baku’s actually eat nightmares.

So you can guess what the pig like creature in the opening credits that very obviously was going to be Tachiaki’s is.

Yes he has a Baku which he names Mukumuku.

Love his thing with Tazuki, again I love Tazuki for everything he does and he goes super big brother mode on Tachiaki when Sora first brings him to the rooftop before he’s found his Baku. The fact that Tazuki doesn’t care for Tachiaki’s reputation and would square up to him for nearly punching Motegi was adorable, even more adorable was them being left on the rooftop alone when Sora and Motegi go to get snacks and then Mii-kun being the one to make them shake hands and grow up.

Mukumuku is adorable and him playing with the others was cute.

I’m happy that Sora was able to help Tachiaki, to be honest the moment the episode started I felt real sorry for him as it can’t be easy. People were scared of him and he’d gone to get help from people and no one knew how to help. It must have been so lonely for him but overnight not only does he have the Baku which will now allow him to sleep but he has a group of friends that he can spend time with. I just loved that and I hope we do see him progress further because whilst Tazuki and Sora seem to be best friends with not much more going for them, Motegi has a whole group of friends and it would be nice if now that he isn’t so stressed and tired all the time we can see Tachiaki make other friends.

Can’t wait to see all of them going for an adventure though. Specially as Tachiaki is as crazy as Sora and Motegi so now Tazuki is completely outnumbered. The fact that everyone is now going to take notes on their creature but Tazuki isn’t just makes me laugh, and I bet he ends up taking notes anyway!


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