DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #10

So DEFIANT Wrestling beat IPW at Chain Reaction. We have all the fall out on a show that lets us know that Aussie Open will STILL be wrestling in DEFIANT which is the most important thing ever.


Austin Aries decides that the best thing to do is insult his team, or at least try to until Haskins stops him. Unfortunately for Aries his motivational speech isn’t going to work when Bennett comes down and offers contracts to all the IPW guys, a offer that Aussie Open don’t hesitate to take and neither really does Haskins.

Next week we’ll see Aries vs Kirby and I’m hoping that Dunne follows suit very VERY soon.

After Aries and Kirby leave we get the announcement that Magnificent 7 is back at the next PPV and to qualify you have win a match to get in. FUN TIMES!

Also before the match started Bennett let us all know the number one contender for the Internet Championship will be the man that destroyed poor Mark Davis chest… Walter.

I am excited. That will be at Lights Out.

Winner : Travis Banks

Started off in a hilarious fashion with David Starr deciding that he deserves the championship because its his birthday which left him with a wonderful birthday present of Brookes finger in one ear, Banks in the other and Bailey’s foot in his mouth.

After all that and it was just ridiculously fast paced and crazy. Really loved the real fast dives outside the ring though it was ruined by Bailey spending what felt like a lifetime to climb to the top rope to do a moonsault instead of a quick suicide dive like everyone else. It ruined a otherwise fun moment.

I mean in general my biggest problem with Bailey is always that his moves are so over the top, long winded and signposted that I can’t just sit back and enjoy it without wondering why people don’t just move out the way. He later on did a Dean Ambrose off of the middle rope to kick Brookes but Brookes had to just stand there and watch him for a good minute, or it felt like it again, which makes you wonder why Brookes is so stupid. THOUGH he did have Banks on top of him in a sleeper hold and tumbled out of the ring onto Starr and Brookes which was pretty cool.

All four of these guys have been on fire since DEFIANT rebranded and the moment one of them managed to get another down for a attempted pin fall then another showed up to take over which was also silly because it is a elimination match. It was pretty fantastic. I kept forgetting it was a elimination match to be honest.

After Brookes hit a piledriver to Bailey on top of Banks, yes you heard that right, Brookes was eliminated with a surprise roll up by Starr. Not long after the Kiwi Crusher hit on Bailey left Banks and Starr for the title.

Banks vs Starr was just amazing to watch and I’d love to see that re-match at some point, though Banks has Walter to worry about first, but after a fucking crazy fight where it looked like Starr was going to murder Banks, Banks was able to reverse a top rope move into a Kiwi Crusher to win the title.


After the match Starr proves he’s still a bad guy just not a Prestigious one and attacks Banks who came down to shake his hand.

Winner : Aussie Open

I was so conflicted.

As I have probably mentioned a million times I’ve been watching Kelly Sixx wrestle for like 2 years now and am a huge fan and I feel heartbroken that I kind of wanted Aussie Open to win more then him.

But it was so much better for SCC then their thing with the Hunters. Aussie Open can do everything so they kept up with the speed of SCC and it made the match breath taking at times.

I can’t help it though, my absolute favourite thing is watching Mark Davis chop the hell out of SCC, picking up Dunn or Sixx and chucking them around like they weigh nothing and just totally being a giant, amazing Australian bear.

Such a innovative match with two fantastic teams. The fidget spinner wins it for Aussie Open.


Banks wants to know Starr’s problem, his problem is that he wants to fight Walter. So apparently Banks is going to talk to Bennett.

I don’t know what his thing with Walter is but I kinda want to see him fight Walter now.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

Not a title match but its nice to see McKenzie fighting either way. Hoping that we’re going to see a big focus on the women so that we can build up a secondary story AND a decent feud for Millie.

I really loved the match. I don’t know if I just didn’t like the chemistry between McKenzie and KLR but I liked the slow pace, I liked them testing each other out and Lana at times managing to go toe-to-toe with McKenzie.

Whilst I know its her gimmick there is part of me that hates when McKenzie spends so much time trying to hit suplexes. I know its a Lesnar type thing but I thought it just happens too much, including in this match on the top rope, that it becomes distracting. I do love it when she starts hitting it though.

That pumphandle slam is amazing though and it brought a win for McKenzie.

After the match Sammi Jayne suplexed the champion so it’ll be fun to see who this new person is.


So KLR wants a re-match, we get told that you don’t get re-matches in DEFIANT so she has to fight Sammi Jayne in a number one contenders match next week. That news makes me happy but I hope that we don’t get the re-match. I’m sorry but I really want something new.

Winner : Rampage

Usually I just wait for Rampage to murder his opponent but at no point did I think that when he came down to wrestle Haskins. I haven’t seen nearly half as much of Haskins as I have Rampage but what I have seen showed that he’s the kind of guy that will bounce back from whatever the hell is thrown at him and that was what he did. It didn’t matter what Rampage did he just bounced back up and bounced AT him till he had Rampage on top of the announce desk…

Well once. I don’t mean he won it on the announce desk but seeing Rampage in trouble doesn’t happen too often.

There isn’t much that Haskins can do though, he had to use his speed. He tried a submission on Rampage and Rampage just powered out so Haskins ended up rolling Rampage up onto his shoulders and nearly winning by absolute surprise.

In the end though when Rampage hits a Piledriver you ain’t getting up. Rampage goes forward.


I am so loving goofy Joe Hendry and him and Ligero get told that they will be in a qualifying match for the Magnificent Seven but it’ll be a tag team match against Coffey and Gunn, whichever team wins both men get to qualify.

Looking forward to that next week!


An outstanding episode of DEFIANT if I’m honest. From top to bottom it had some of the best matches DEFIANT have had all year long.

The Internet Championship match is going straight on my list of possible Matches of the Year, the tag team match was just amazing, Millie McKenzie kicked absolute ass but didn’t dominate so we also got a strong showing from Austin and a sliver of hope that we’re going to see a brilliant few months for the women and then we ended with such a fantastic match between Rampage and Haskins.

It moved so many stories forward as well with KLR wanting a re-match, Starr vs Banks, whether Starr is a good guy or bad guy, the IPW guys falling apart…

It was just a great episode and so exciting.

If there is just one episode of DEFIANT you need to watch to see just what they can do when they are on a roll its this one. Sure its heart breaking and annoying as absolute fuck when things you pay for don’t work but pretty much every week they bring out episodes full of great wrestling even if the actual stories aren’t always this good.

Feels like it might be the place to be at the moment.


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