5 Things… In Support of Good old Double J here are 5 Reasons I think he Deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame!

I get it. Lots of people don’t like Jeff Jarrett and for some reason they want the HoF to be full of the wrestlers they deem great enough to go in there.

Personally I have ALWAYS been a fan of Jarrett’s. I loved him as a kid, loved him as a teen in the early days of TNA and if I kept up to date with his career right now would probably still love him.

So here is 5 reasons I think he deserves to be in the HoF.


Does the HoF really REALLY only need to have main event superstars in it? I see people getting up in arms about all sorts of midcard stars getting a thank you and rewarded for years of hard work whilst demanding OTHER midcard superstars go in. When is the right time for ANYONE to go in?

Answer is when Vince McMahon decides they should.

Didn’t hear a single complaint about the Godfather going in. Honestly not sure why some people get so picky about where on the card a HoF inductee should be. The vast majority of wrestlers AREN’T main event superstars, they DON’T headline Wrestlemania or win the championship. Those kind of things are reward in and of themselves so why not say thanks to a midcarder with a HoF induction?


Like TNA or not, like him and his booking or not, like anything or not, TNA has been around for a long while now and he was the man that started it.

It never became the next WCW, it never did anything to get out of the shadow of WWE but its there. Like any other big wrestling company that isn’t WWE it has helped showcase so many wrestlers in the past and continues, for however long it can, to showcase them. So many WWE superstars passed through the doors of TNA when Jeff was in charge and when he wasn’t that just laughing and ignoring its giant contribution to the wrestling world is petty minded.

TNA, like the company or not, exists and when I was a teenager it was the place I discovered Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Xavier Woods, Motorcity Machine Guns, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Christopher Daniels and so many more. He founded it. He made a part of wrestling history that has been around since the early 00s. That doesn’t go away because you personally don’t like them. Its there and he did it.


You found him annoying?

You hated his guts?

You really wished he’d smash a guitar over his own head?


As a kid I LOVED Jeff because he was such a annoying bad guy. THAT WAS WHAT HE WAS MEANT TO BE! You were meant to be fully behind the Roadie and want him to get revenge on the over bearing singer, you were meant to be behind Chyna and want to see her kick the shit out of the sexist pig. THAT WAS HIS CHARACTER! I can’t remember a time in WCW or WWE when he was a good guy.

It was all part of the fun though.

You were MEANT to hate him and you did. Just because you weren’t a fan doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be recognized for his talents and one of his biggest talents was being a fantastic bad guy because you hated his guts.


Where do you put the line in the sand right now on who gets into the HoF?

How many hoops are you going to jump through to say Sting deserves to be in there but Double J doesn’t?

Sure Sting was a headliner in WCW…. So was Jarrett in the dying days. Sting then went on to have a wonderful career in TNA… As did Jarrett who booked himself there. What Sting didn’t have was a successful WWE career which with multiple Intercontinental Championships, a Tag Team Championship and European Championship reign you can’t REALLY say Jarrett didn’t have. Like how much more successful do you have to be? Because if it is even one single thing more then that then Sting is NOT a worthy WWE HoF.

Jarrett also held the WCW Championship AND US Championship.

I really mean it too. I get that Sting is a iconic wrestler but just because there seems to be this thing about Jarrett being awful does not stop the fact that he WAS Successful and he was successful in the company currently about to put him in a HoF. You can say what you like but WWE obviously saw something in him to put him in these positions in the first place so when it comes down to it can you really be surprised when they decide he’s worthy of going in the HoF.


As fans are we really that bent out of shape about who goes into the HoF STILL?

We act like long service to the company, propping up the mid-card, working hard and achieving a decent run in a world full of mega stars isn’t worthy of going into the HoF.

Take away the celebrity wing or the Warrior award or anything like that and just focus on the wrestling.

Are we really saying that only the best of the best of the best are allowed in there?

If we are there wouldn’t be a yearly ceremony and all those complaining about this wrestler or that wrestler not being in there can shut up because they probably don’t belong in there either.

At the end of the day wrestling, to some point, is subjective. I think Jarrett was a great wrestler, I found him entertaining and I think he deserves to go in there. You don’t. He has enough success in WWE to be worthy of a place in there. You don’t think he does but think someone who didn’t have any success in the WWE does.

I like seeing wrestlers get thanked by being put in the HoF and sure there are probably business reasons to it and I’m surprised as the next person he is going in there but to say he doesn’t deserve it or act like he was terrible just because you don’t like him is selective.

Are there others that maybe deserve to go in before him?

Probably. There are probably people who deserves to go in it before the ones YOU think deserves to be in it deserve to be in it.

At the end of the day though Vince makes the call not us and to act like Jarrett HASN’T done ANYTHING worthy is just poor on us really.


ALSO before anyone says anything I’d love to see Owen Hart, Chyna and Christian, three of my other favourites, go in. Owen won’t because of his widow, Chyna will take a few years and Christian will hopefully be the mid-card addition in the next few years. Those are just the three names I’ve seen thrown around MOST right now. I just don’t see why saying this person isn’t in there so why should he go in there is a decent enough argument.

But then that is just me.


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