Overlord : The Bloody Valkyrie

Episode 12

“Senketsu no ikusaotome” (鮮血の戦乙女)

The penultimate episode see’s the battle between Ainz and Shalltear begin. Will he be able to beat Shalltear without losing her or will he have to destroy her?

I’m not sure he even knows to be honest.

I didn’t like the episode though that’s for sure. I don’t think there was enough of his inner self talking us through things. This is the first time we really see any trouble coming Ainz way and it would have been nice to know if he actually felt pain, how he was feeling during the fight and the rest of it. I don’t know if its just the dubbed version or something but there is no real urgency in Ainz inner voice. He really is just playing a game and at this point I realise that there is no learning curve, there is no time when Ainz is going to realise that this is his reality now.

He shall forever just be playing a game and Shalltear isn’t one of his beloved minions she’s a pet he’s keeping to remind him of a break up. As is all of his Guardians.

His thoughts are cold and calculating but not in a bad guy way. In a “If I do this I’ll beat the final boss” way.

Whilst I could get over my disappointment that obviously this isn’t going to be a character moment for Ainz I just couldn’t enjoy it without actually knowing what the real Ainz was feeling. I hate when we don’t get a true inner monologue from him about something, his whole Ainz speech whilst walking to Shalltear showed that he knows that someone is pulling the strings and they are doing it from far away and I know very well the point is probably that next episode something is going to happen and it’ll be another player no doubt controlling her because him making his name so big so fast would have annoyed someone else or just got the attention of someone else and Shalltear will be fine and all this….

It just seemed out of character.

He’s spent all this time caring so much for his Guardians, sure its because he see’s them as parts of his lost comrades as I said like the pets left after a break up, but he’s cared.

None of this made much sense and it didn’t make sense because they didn’t try to tell us how Ainz felt at all and because we probably have to be amazed at how he does all this in the next episode they didn’t bother to let us in on his plan either.

Plus the fighting was boring because it was a game fight. It just didn’t do anything for me.

I get that my hang ups for this episode are my own but that’s just how I feel.


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