Overlord : Player vs Non Playable Character

Episode 13

The fight between Ainz and Shalltear ends as does the first season but will anything be explained when it comes to Shalltear and her mind control?

I kind of didn’t like that it was just so easy for Ainz really. I want to see someone or something outsmart him. Him just not thinking anything would be strong enough to touch him or his minions isn’t the same as being outsmarted.

Probably my biggest problem is that I continually just want to see something happen that makes him start thinking that this world is the one he’s now got to live in instead of acting like its still a game. It was obvious in the end that he wasn’t going to take the fight too seriously or that hurting Shalltear would mean much to him when he resurrected her. He wasn’t even sure whether that still worked now but he hedged his bets on it and didn’t lose anything but didn’t grow as a person either. Maybe I just have to get over the fact that he isn’t going to grow as a character in any way other then stronger and more aware of the world around him.

What I did like was seeing all the Guardians together and happy. It was nice that after all that happened they were acting like nothing ever happened, to me the Guardians are more human then Ainz and it can’t be because he’s undead else you’d never get his inner voice sounding off.

Thankfully I’m binge watching it and have half of season two to binge now because if I had watched that season when it first aired and this was how it ended I wouldn’t have been too happy.

Didn’t like that the final boss was Shalltear and no emotional development lay in the fight.

Didn’t really like the shadowy people or the foretelling of what is to come.

It felt like a mid-season episode then a end of season episode and I felt we didn’t really learn anything and neither did Ainz. Not even having a final moment with his inner voice or him actually realising that he was stuck here OR even just a indication that there might be another player out there just kind of felt flat to me.

Even with all that in mind the rest of the season up to the last two episodes was superb and I can’t wait to watch the half of season two that has aired so far. Loved the characters and most of the story. I think I’ll go into season two with a different mind frame and maybe look at it more like a game myself then a story about Ainz.

Just a little disappointed.


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