How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : I Can’t Grow All at Once, So I’ll Grow Over Time

Episode 6

“Kyuu ni hamuri dakara chotto zutto ōkiku naru yo” (きゅうにはむりだからちょっとずつ大きくなるよ)

A wonderful thought and I wonder in what ways Mii-kun, Conny and Isao will grow in the episode.

Isn’t it lovely that all three of these little dudes have their own personality?

Even better that their personalities seem to match their owners.

For example Sora is very much the kind of guy that loves to take care of people, he’s been called very girly by Motegi in the series as he’s able to whip up the Mummy dolls really fast and very well made as well as his cooking always being fantastic and more like art then food. Having Mii-kun to look and mother over suits him.

Tazuki is much more collected and teases the people he cares for. He’s not one to show his emotions but they are there. Conny therefore being much more clumsy, much more naughty and more inclined to think about food then mushy stuff makes sense.

Whereas Motegi is a girly girl and she doesn’t have the attention span to really look after something like Mii-kun so Isao looks after himself. He teaches himself things to help communicate, he gives himself his own baths, eats his food and then cleans up after himself.

Kaede tells Sora that Isao is much more like a older brother who wants to take care of people then Mii-kun who WANTS to help but really needs to be cared for.

THAT is the point of the episode. During it Mii-kun latches on to the fact that maybe he isn’t as helpful as Isao, he tried to help capture the Mandrake but he failed, as did Conny, he tries his hardest to learn how to write when Isao teaches them but in the end he is growing at his own pace. Its when Sora see’s him tucking Conny in that he realises that he has been down because he wants to be more helpful.

I love the dynamics between the three of them and their creatures, of course my favourites are Tazuki and Conny, I can’t help being biased to those two, but all three of them have unique relationships and in their own way are helping their creature grow.

Or at least Sora and Motegi are, I’m not sure with Tazuki and Conny to be honest.

I said in the last episode it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic between the three humans would be, I liked that we actually saw how they come together more often now. With Motegi unable to talk about Isao at school Tazuki tells her to come talk to them if she wants to talk about him and that is what brings them together. The Sunday play date was fun and whilst I still think Motegi is my least favourite of the three main characters she’s a little less boring. I’d like to see a episode more just her and Isao to be honest, I’d like to see a little more to her.

Everything about Tazuki and Conny’s relationship makes me laugh. Absolutely everything.


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