DEFIANT Wrestling / IPW : Chain Reaction

Finally after the problems with the PPV on Sunday I am able to sit here and watch the whole show and review it. So Chain Reaction…

Winner : Zack Gibson

So we have Gibson come out and give his usual speech, he very much doesn’t want to fight Rampage but he’s going to and he’s going to win because he’s SOON TO BE NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD.

On the actual live show as Rampage came running down to the ring was when the first power cut hit and from then until the end of the match we had nothing but a black screen.

We do miss the beginning of the match and when we come back Rampage is in charge of the match, who knows what has happened but Gibson seemed to have done enough to tire Rampage out which no one I think would believe. He even takes control of the match pretty instantly by throwing Rampage out of the ring.

Just when Rampage looks like he’s got Gibson there was a distraction at ringside by Gibson’s trainees and a quick roll up gave Gibson the win. Good end to the match, which we didn’t get to see a whole bunch of, but a nice new angle to their feud. Rampage gave the trainee a piledriver and a second when Gibson didn’t bother to come and help him. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


Drake’s whole speech was kind of funny. Its all about being the Gimmick killer and he told us how he was born with his name unlike everyone else who were pretending. I dunno, I quite liked it. Gimmick killer is pretty boring but I think Drake is doing a good job of it and this promo was actually pretty decent, he has good chemistry with the crowd. He’s really going from strength to strength.

His descriptions of El Ligero and Primate just makes me laugh so much.

Brilliant work by Drake.

Winner : Drake

Not sure how being Indian is a gimmick, just because he’s dancing doesn’t make him a gimmick. I get Primate, specially in DEFIANT were he plays up to the Primate thing, or El Ligero but I didn’t really get the thing here and guessed it was just to push Dunne up to the main event after Ridgeway had to pull out of the event.

VERY happy we didn’t get a dance off though.

It was a decent match and Jordan was really impressive, it wasn’t a classic match or anything and was a bit slow for my person tastes but it was a good showing for Jordan. He had it in the bag really until Drake got a pin with his feet on the ropes.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

It was a good match. Another good match but nothing to write home about. The story going into it was how the hell would Kidd be able to beat Simmons but to be honest Kidd looked more likely to beat Simmons then Simmons looked to ever beat Kidd. It was rather slow though and I don’t mean slow paced, there was a lot of walking around at some points and posing from Simmons, it was meant to be intimidating but it just didn’t feel that way.

We then had the boring comedy routine from Ameen getting involved after the lights go off, this time on purpose, which basically gave Kidd the win.

Not sure I liked that ending, it fits when Eavers does it because he’s the bad guy but I’m not sure why Kidd would be happy to win by his croonie getting in the ring and being a idiot. Hopefully this is the end of it and we don’t ever have to see Eavers and his group vs Kidd and Ameen again.


We got to see this live, the live stream had been cut because of a power cut during Drake’s speech and still wasn’t working, but Hendry had his own camera man filming the first ever Joe Hendry Show on Twitch so we all got to see this bit.

We are getting goofy funny Joe Hendry and I love it. I love him being this big wrestling dork, the Joe Hendry Show needs to happen more often, I’d be happy for the Prestige to just die away now and Hendry to be a goofy heel.

Loved the jokes about the power cuts, loved Hendry trying to bribe Bennett to be on the team for DEFIANT and ripping up his restraining order just for him to get some BAD NEWS and not being allowed on the team.

You just can’t help but love him when he is being a goof, I mean you still want to boo him but you just love him too.

Winners : David Starr & El Ligero

Started off a bit slow, I got a bit bored to be honest and spent most of the time laughing at Kennedy and Hendry on commentary just leaving Bradshaw speechless. Hendry was singing again HE WAS SINGING AGAIN! It was wonderful.

Some of it was great but it still just felt stodgy in places. There were some great moments, Ligero accidentally managing to chuck Bailey out of the ring onto David Starr, the crazy stuff which saw a prolonged attack to, as Joe Hendry would put it, Starrs “winkie” and when Starr picked up Bailey and chucked him on Ligero and Brookes to break up a submission attempt and save the match.

It just felt way too long.

After the match Hendry attacked Starr which ends the relationship between Starr and the Prestige. What is happening there who knows but I just want to see Banks vs Hendry soon.

Winners : South Coast Connection

I’m kinda fed up of these guys in matches to be honest. I don’t know but I just had that feeling that the SCC was going to win and set them on the path to having a match against Havoc and Primate. Then again the Hunter Brothers are 2-1 up so I don’t see why them winning a No DQ match would do that and I really don’t want to see one more match with these guys let alone another two to get SCC 3-2. It seems pointless really.

It was probably the best match up to this point of the night though. Good use of the No DQ rule, some great moments in it and it made SCC look super strong.

Jim Hunter being slammed through the chairs by Dunn was pretty cool, the stuff with the ladder was really well done though the look of that ladder by the end of the match was worrying.

On the night this was one of the only matches I got to see and I didn’t care for it then and I don’t know. Which is super sad because I LOVE Kelly Sixx and have since the first time I saw him live when he replaced Keizer in Ultimate Prize Fighters and got beat by Eddie Ryan. Yes I’ve seen Kelly Sixx vs Eddie Ryan and it was fantastic then, Kelly Sixx is 200 times better as a wrestler then he was then as that guy improves every time he steps foot in the ring and that match was one of my favourites of that whole year.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

Good match AGAIN though it just lacked some of the fire you would think it had but this time it was TOTALLY down to the crowd.

Millie is great, I’ve loved her since I first saw her against Little Miss Roxxy, she’s going to be such a cool champion, but she’s got that Brock Lesnar Suplex Machine thing going on and that just isn’t interesting to watch without seeing the crowd super behind it. She’s young, oh boy did Bradshaw remind us of that, and she took one of the best in the world on head-to-head and actually pretty much dominated her in this match but the crowd just didn’t really care and it made the match hard to watch.

It isn’t interesting to watch this kind of match with 0 atmosphere.

I LOVED seeing Millie win and I can’t wait to see her dominate the women’s division but for me these matches only work when you have that Lesnar-esque atmosphere. I HATE Lesnar and only get pumped for his matches because of that you have to see it to believe it atmosphere fans give it.

Hopefully with Millie in the UK more then KLR was we’ll get to see her actually have a proper feud with someone instead of disappearing with the title.

IPW vs DEFIANT Wrestling
Winners : DEFIANT Wrestling (Rampage Last Man Standing)


Now… I’ll admit I’m totally biased in this. I love chaos but only when its well done and for me this was well done. It could have probably done with better camera coverage of the brawl to begin the match, the messing about without any actual wrestling might have been better done faster then it was, but why I’m biased is that it was just crazy fun with pretty much the majority of my favourite wrestlers in the UK scene right now.

Also MARK DAVIS WAS THE PENULTIMATE MAN ELIMINATED! The only two people who survived longer then him was Mark Haskins and eventual winner Rampage. Commentary built him up as this big tough guy and I just hope he sticks around and that after maybe some time with Fletcher, because I do love Aussie Open, they’ll push him in singles because I just love him and he’s so magnificent and I just want him to be a champion of some sort and be wonderful.

I don’t really know where they were going with the match but it was fun. I have watched it four times now since the video came online and I just can’t find the words to describe it. It was just fun but kind of pointless.


First up I’m gonna talk about the stories.

Gibson/Rampage feels like its going into its last phase now, I hope that is the case. With Rampage losing the way he did and the ending you have to feel there is one last part of this story to tell, after all you kind of want to see Gibson get his comeuppance but it just didn’t feel like the end. I’d be happy to see it carry on then again I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t.

Kidd/Eavers has to be over. I’ve heard that Eavers has a injury so maybe its over completely but in that case they need to do something with Slater to explain why he’d not be with Eavers, if Eavers is going to be managing it needs to get as far away from Kidd and Ameen as possible.

Prestige I don’t know. I kind of want to see Hendry move on and do things by himself, his time on commentary also hurt me so much because it shows just how good he could be with someone to play off of in 5 Star Wrestling but this whole night just showed that he is needed back in the ring and doing his stupid stuff.

DEFIANT vs IPW I hope isn’t completely over. I think it was too early to do half the things they did which is a shame, its felt rushed and there is so much they could have done with it but IPW were defeated so you can only guess they are going to leave DEFIANT alone. I mean Aries still has the title but why would the IPW guys stick around? I mean I WANT them too, I love the Aussie Open, adore Damien Dunne and think they are great additions to DEFIANT, but what can really happen?

The show on Sunday?

Well sure I was pissed off. I started on the Thursday with 5* which is its usual mixed bag of good wrestling, poor pacing, terrible commentary and hour too long show, Saturday I got to see the wonderful Control, ALT, Delete from Chaos which was fantastic but it was Chain Reaction I was really looking forward too and I just didn’t get to see it thought I DID get to see the Main Event which was the match I really wanted to see I guess.

Looking back they can’t really help it. The building had power cuts, real power cuts that left the arena in the dark. I can understand them turning their site off and having Fite have their stream working, after all I pay £7 a month for the whole Access DEFIANT package, Fite watchers I think paid £14 for the PPV. I appreciate that they bothered to do all the work to get as much of the show  online as fast as they can regardless of people still complaining. Sure its a shitty thing to happen and I don’t think since starting to pay for Access DEFIANT I have had a single thing worth the £14 I’ve paid for it but I love the company so at the end of the day I have to take the rough with the smooth.

Show wise it wasn’t the best I guess. It was a decent PPV but not one to write home about. There were a lot of changes to the show which I guess is one reason for that. Dunne was meant to be against Jordan just for him to be in the main event after injury to Ridgeway, Banks was meant to be in the tag team match until HE had to go into the main event as Coffey no longer could be in the match, Havoc who has been the leader of DEFIANT wasn’t there at all but wasn’t even mentioned for the main event which makes you wonder how they couldn’t find a 5th and different person so had to fill the spot with Rampage.

Also with ZSJ having to drop the Internet Championship you now need a “interim” champion, or in other words a new champion because I’m not sure what the point of calling them a interim anything is when they are going to be the champion at the end of the day, that means people have to be freed up to do that. One reason I guess that Starr has now left Hendry and Ligero, he has been announced for that match so it makes sense.

It felt like a show that just couldn’t live up to its hype and I WAS super hyped for it. I mean I LOVE DEFIANT Wrestling, its my highlight of the week. I was extremely excited for this show and pretty disappointed.

My match of the night was the main event because I like chaos done well and I like funny and I LOVE Travis Banks, BT Gunn, Mark Davis and Damien Dunne. I REALLY love watching Rampage and Primate murder people. I even like the rest of the guys in the match. It wasn’t perfect but when Mark Davis is the penultimate person to be eliminated THE PENULTIMATE he lasted LONGER then Austin Aries, you have to be excited and hope that DEFIANT are going to keep him and Kyle Fletcher around.

We can only hope that Davis is going to become a champion soon.

I can only hope that I finally get to see Davis piledrive Rampage at some point.

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