How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : Go Away Kindness, Go Away Fear

Episode 5

“Yasashī kimochi kowai no tonde ke”(やさしい気もちこわいのとんでけ)

I have absolutely 0 idea what this episode is going to be about with that title but I want to see much more of Conny and Mii-kun hanging out and much more of Tazuki getting all grumpy daddy with Conny. Plus more of his little sister. Much more of his little sister please.

The dragon, now called Isao, goes to Motegi who is terrified of lizards and freaks out until a chance meeting withe Sora brings her and Isao together.

We now have three little creatures scuttling around hanging out, four if you add the dog too.

Motegi is a fun character, she’s a bit much for me with her big eyes that look like she’s staring at things all the time but she’s OK. Her freaking out about lizards were hilarious but when she realised that he was worried about her she calmed down which was real sweet.

There has to be a story behind Isao and Tazuki, I don’t know if we’ll ever hear it but there just has to be. He doesn’t say anything to Sora or Motegi during the episode and doesn’t really negatively react to finding a dragon at his best friends house, its kind of forgotten about and pushed back into the little pit of emotions that Tazuki has. I wonder what actually happened back then and if it is the same dragon.

As Conny didn’t react at all I’m guessing his scar ISN’T dragon related.

It was a fun episode though. I thought Sora trying to get Mii-kun to stay home on his own without crying was brilliant, flashing back to Mii-kun clock watching and then when he ran to see Sora and saw Motegi there and all the things flashed in his head and he just burst into tears was just a perfect ending to his waiting for Sora.

Again I like that Sora kind of realised that its odd that Mii-kun is so happy to be living with Sora and not sad at all that he’s not in Egypt, in fact he seems a little scared at the thought of going back. I wonder if they’ll ever expand on that or whether it just isn’t important and was just a interesting thought Sora had for this episode alone.

Will be interesting to see what the dynamic is going to be like with Motegi spending more time with the boys IF she does. I mean just because she now has a dragon and the only other people she knows with these kind of creatures are the boys doesn’t mean she’s going to be taking Isao over for play dates all the time. Other then her fear of dragons and being very cheerful she hasn’t really had much of a impact for me so whilst I like her she’s not really a character I care to spend a lot of time with. I’d like to see her growing more then the big eye’d crazy lizard hating girl she is right now.


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