The Talos Principle Initial Thoughts (10 Hours Played)

I don’t know why but the Talos Principle was a game that was always on my Wishlist and I just never got around to buying it. When it ended up dirt cheap over the holidays I snapped it up but it hasn’t been until my holiday that I’ve bothered to look at it.

Can’t really remember what made me want to watch it but there was something about the impressive looking screenshots and the idea of playing a game as a robot that interested me. I literally had 0 idea what the game was about.

As you can probably tell I really rather enjoyed it when I finally installed it. At 10 hours its still only my initial thoughts because whilst I have managed to get nearly to the end of World B I have a long way to go before I get anywhere near the end of the game.

Hell I have a long way to go before I even know what is going on.

If I had to compare it to a game, and you know how much I love comparing games to other games, it is a lot like Portal. You go from Chamber to Chamber solving puzzles, all of varying difficulties, collecting sigils at the end of the puzzle just because a voice in the sky tells you to.

Its a great game for puzzle lovers but even if you don’t like puzzles, and trust me there are plenty of video guides online if you don’t like puzzles and get stuck, but its also a brilliant game for people who love deep and thoughtful stories.

I don’t even know what the story really is yet but I can tell you that for sure!

You play a robot stuck in this world, listening to a god and arguing with a computer program. You don’t know who you are, what you are or what your purpose is though thanks to QR Codes scattered on walls like graffiti you know that you aren’t alone. There are also memories of other robots going about their business (including one that scared the absolute daylights out of me when it activated) which constantly remind you that this isn’t a path you have traveled alone.

What in reality it all means I’m yet to find out but its fun guessing.

The obvious guess is that this is some kind of simulation to find out if robots can find some semblance of conscienceless or maybe even a semblance of humanity. Throughout the lands you can access library portals that tell you a bit about some of the experiments going on at some point, bits and pieces of ancient literature that talk about life, death and all sorts, blogs, chatlogs and bits and pieces that whilst make you question what humanity and life really are also hint at something horrible having happened to the world as well.

It all could just be a game to see how I react though. I mean the computer itself tricked me so I don’t see why the whole thing couldn’t just be a simulation, us being fed information to see if we can become more human or whether at the end of the day we’re just robots doomed to do as we are made to do.

Or it could be as simple as it seems. The voice is some sort of god that is left to look after the experimental robots. Maybe we have to do as we’re told for some greater purpose?

Whatever it is I’m sure in another 20 odd hours I’ll find out. At the moment I kinda guess there are at least two endings you can get. One will be following Elohim and just doing our tasks the other must have something to do with climbing the tower in the middle of the three designated worlds that Elohim will allow us to visit.

Not only do you have those challenges but you have the annoying Stars to collect. I have only JUST got enough Stars to go through the World A’s door but I can’t be bothered to do that just yet, that can wait till the end.

Its a game that I’m sure will give me so many hours of interesting game play. I’ll let you know what happens when I finally finish it.


2 thoughts on “The Talos Principle Initial Thoughts (10 Hours Played)”

  1. Got to say – Usually, I love games like this. I felt like this one was quite overblown, and a bit full of itself.

    Glad to see you liked it though.


    1. I get what you mean. I haven’t completed it yet as went back to work and just don’t have time to invest in it but I loved reading all the information and trying to piece things back together.

      I mean by the time I finally do complete it and get all three endings I might have a completely different opinion. It’ll be interesting to see what each ending brings.

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