Overlord : True Vampire

Episode 10

“Shinso” (真祖)

With his first quest out of the way we’re going back to see what his minions are up to I guess. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to Shalltear.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look good.

I don’t really know what they were up to if I’m honest, I think they were scouting out different martial arts and magical abilities in the area but whatever it was the episode felt more like an excuse to have a lot of violence all the time. From the moment Shalltear and her Vampire Brides showed up there was just lots of death and fighting.

Shalltears Vampire form was actually super cool though, I liked how it was completely different from the little girl thing she has going on, it was a proper monster like form.

What did happen though is that we saw Ainz first defeat, albeit one of his minions being defeated, but its still a defeat. So far there has been nothing in this world that could touch him or any of them and whilst it looked like Shalltear had one the final fight too it turns out that she has “rebelled” though as we know she loves Ainz as much as Albedo does, and in some ways I guess more because she actually isn’t programmed to be in love with him like Albedo is, I have to agree with Ainz that there is a good chance there is some magic at play that they just don’t understand.

What I did notice is that Ainz started calling them NPCs in his head. We haven’t really heard him pondering about the world at large recently so when he’s brought the news that Shalltear has rebelled he started talking about her ability to not be effected by any magic used to control her thoughts. His worry is that he doesn’t understand what could happen to his NPC characters in this new world. Maybe this will be the moment that he has to see these people as more then just NPCs?

I doubt it but it was something that stuck out for me, I think I’m just getting caught up in the part of the story that I find interesting and I’m not sure its actually the part of the story that is important.

Either way he stops Albedo from marching out to hunt and kill Shalltear and decides he’s going to do something about it himself.

I do hope that they can find and save Shalltear. I actually quite like her and really would rather see the whole lot of them together more before we start losing them.


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