Overlord : The Dark Warrior

Episode 9

“Shikkoku no senshi” (漆黒の戦士)

So Ainz is going to kill Clementine for standing in his way whilst Nabe is up against Khajiit. Hopefully they’ll get this over with in one episode and Nfirea can go back to Carne village and just be with the woman he loves seeing none of the Swords are getting a happy ever after.

Old man has Dragons. One to begin with then suddenly a second because he thinks he can sort out Nabe with two, and he might have been right I guess. I mean its hard to fight a foe that you can’t actually hit with magic and stuff.

It was pretty cool to see the Dragons, they were really cool to be honest. I kind of would have liked to see them moving around more and actually attacking Nabe but they didn’t really do much.

As for Clementine she’s using her ability to stay at bay but it seems that Ainz gets bored. This gives Nabe the chance to use her true magic, she’s a battle maid so obviously this means she has to take her cloak off to show she’s in armoured maid outfit. Its a bit silly for a character as cool as Nabe and I don’t see why she had to have her armour on to finish the fight, specially as she pretty much just starts teleporting around stabbing Khajiit.

Wasn’t really that cool seeing the demise of either Khajiit or Clementine.

Khajiit was kind of destroyed via magic and Clementine was crushed to death in Ainz arms.

It showed a bit of a scary side to Ainz, we don’t actually have his IRL voice either telling us how he felt about this whole thing it was just simply watching him kill someone without any remorse. In a way we haven’t actually felt his true feelings on this whole thing yet. Again I’m pretty sure I’m looking too much into it and it isn’t that important but I just feel that it needs to be addressed that there is still a human there somewhere and that he isn’t looking at his reality as being reality. He still hasn’t actually questioned if any of these people COULD be people. I don’t know how he’s deciding that these people are just NPCs he can do what he wants with and with nothing being powerful enough to even do any serious damage to him he’s not going to even think about his own demise.

I feel there needs to be something that happens with him that makes him actually look at his situation in a different way.

Quite like that his Lizzie owes him everything stuff turned out to just be a way to get her and Nfirea to Carne Village so that he can use them. Its nice that he wasn’t just going to throw her out on the streets, its shows he still has a soft side even if he’s using them because he thinks they are just programs.

In fact its been a while since we even heard him talk like it was a game. I’m not sure what is really going on in his head anymore, he seems to not be able to tell if he’s one thing or another. Its interesting that’s for sure.


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