Overlord : Confusion and Understanding

Episode 11

“Konran to haaku” (混乱と把握)

So Shalltear has gone rogue and Ainz seems worried that there is just too many things in this new world that he doesn’t understand. Then again I’m still pretty certain he doesn’t really understand the world he’s in right now full stop.

So Shalltear is going to be a absolute bitch to fight. At the moment she’s just stood still and unmoving, nothing that Ainz does changes this. He can’t reverse what has been done to her but it is also obvious something has happened to her.

It would be real sad if he actually saw them as something other then NPCs. He still hopes that his friends who hadn’t been playing this game for however long have been trapped in the game somehow with him yet he doesn’t see that he has a whole bunch of people that whilst programmed to act in certain ways are still there and with him and worthy of being treated as such. Which is also weird because he does treat them like that but he also doesn’t view it that way.

Was wondering who he had created and it turns out he had pretty much the lamest of characters. In some kind of uniform and with a geeky personality it matches the man we’re hearing behind Ainz all the time and doesn’t surprise me much. The others have all moved on and they had super cool characters and he can’t move on from the game and has the absolute most ridiculous. I don’t know it just kind of fit perfectly.

So he decides he’s going to go and face Shalltear on his own, I never doubted that would be the outcome to be honest, the heartfelt talk to Albedo when he was getting ready was actually really well done. He sounds a lot like Anna to be honest which is probably why I like him as a character. He starts listing off reasons why he has to go out and fight her alone and why he can’t promise he’ll come back but everything contradicts the thing that came before. He is a natural leader trying to act like how they think a natural leader should act whilst not knowing that their actions speak more then they’ll ever know.

I didn’t really find the gearing up for battle stuff interesting and it lost my attention a lot. I got the point that this is very difficult for Ainz for so many different reasons and I also get that overwhelming feeling that he just hasn’t processed what has happened to him yet. He’s still holding up that someone he knows is there when they would have surely spawned at the Guild like the other guy did, he still holds out that other players he doesn’t know are in the game. In a way he’s looking for a way out, for people to talk to. On the other hand he’s ignoring that this might just be his life and he might just have to get used to it. All the stuff about world items and all that just kind of went in one ear and out the other, I was waiting for something big and dramatic to happen. He just doesn’t really know what to do.

Two more episodes left of this season and next episode he’s going to face her.


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