Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : File Not Found [END]

Episode 12

I know, I know, this review couldn’t be any later if I tried really. To be honest I thought I’d written it and published it but as you can see I hadn’t. I only had to do a slight re-writing of it all this time after watching it because it was pretty much done other then a few bits here and there. But FINALLY the final episode of Magical Girl Raising Project is reviewed.

So the final fight is Swim Swim vs Ripple, I was waiting for Snow White to do something but the theme of the whole thing has been that whilst she has a good heart this world just isn’t the world for Snow White.

Whilst the two fight she’s being told exactly what is going on by Fav but it isn’t enough to really answer any of the questions we have. Its like Fav explains to us what we’ve just spent 12 episodes watching but we don’t really know where he is from or what his real purpose is. In the end its kind of a let down.

The fight wasn’t really that interesting either. Its a dramatic one but it was a fight against a Ninja and someone who can blend into water. Until a lucky lightening strike gives Ripple the information she needs to defeat Swim Swim its mainly just ducking and dodging. It gets brutal when the two finally clash which lasts for aΒ  few moments. I guess the most dramatic thing was meant to be that Swim Swim was actually a little girl so Ripple actually killed a very young child.

Other then her dreams of becoming a Ruler like Ruler there isn’t really anything else to Swim Swim though. I feel we were meant to understand something much more important with these dream things but personally I don’t think we did. Why would a kid that small be so GOOD at being a killer the way she was? She was calculated and gruesome. I just don’t get how she’d have become that person. She wanted to rule people, sure OK I get that, Ripple wasn’t going to bow to her so she couldn’t be ruled so she had to die, but it just felt like they missed explaining her to the extent that would make it REALLY shocking.

In the end Ripple and Snow White are left standing and turn their back on Fav. Whilst Ripple is happy being a Magical Girl in their own district Snow White goes everywhere and anywhere to save the day.

They aren’t truly free though because they also have communicators to the “Magical Realm” or whatever its called which just gives us more questions then we’d ever get answers too.

Kinda disappointing really.


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