How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : You Can’t Play Tag by Yourself, and It’s Fine to Play with Others

Episode 4

“Oi-gokko wa hitoride wa dekinaishissho wa tanoshī” (おにごっこはひとりではできないしいっしょは楽しい)

The last part of episode 3 gave us a glimpse of another little creature lurking about. I wonder if Mii-kun is about to make a new friend?!

Mii-kun did make a new friend but more importantly Tazuki made a new friend.

It was nice to move the focus away from Sora and Mii-kun and learn a little about Tazuki. For a start we learn all about why Tazuki isn’t phased by things like Mii-kun. I mean we know why anyway its all to do with Sora and him being friends but Sora explained to him as a kid that all these kinds of creatures take note of who has seen them and spreads the word so when a Oni-Child shows up looking for help he goes to Tazuki instead of Sora.

Conny, as he finally gets called, is as different from Mii-kun as you can get. He senses that whilst Tazuki is going to let him stay and stuff that he’s not being nice so he’s not as responsive. In fact at the end when Tazuki has kind of given into him he gets all grumpy and starts kicking Tazuki’s hand when he starts calling him names. In other words Conny is perfect for Tazuki.

What was really the best part of it all though was that we got to look a little deeper into Tazuki himself. It seems that he’s tried to save a creature before, a dragon to be precise, and it didn’t go well. He doesn’t know that the dragon has been seen by kids in his class but he has a matching scar with Conny that I’m guessing might be explained by the dragon later on. As its been seen and its in the credits I’m guessing its the next animal to join the party.

I just liked that we got to see Tazuki come out of his shell a bit. Personally I liked him anyway and like Sora I could tell when he was just being grumpy to hide how much he cared about something. I mean I can relate to that. Seeing things that have happened to him and knowing that if anything Conny is going to help him get over some problems he’s had in the past really made me happy though. I like that the series actually has a serious tone to some of its moments.

When Conny and Mii-kun were playing chase I could have died from cuteness overdose.

When Tazuki was picking Conny’s name I think I fell in love with him.

This episode was too much for me.


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