Week 8 Question : Should People Who Pay More Taxes Get More Votes?

Let me just point out that we are picking these questions from a random sites, randomly, so this isn’t like things we believe or have any real interest in just in case you see this and think we are picking random issues and things that we care about. Its just random questions and we randomly pick who answers them as well.

So this one.

No I don’t think they should. Paying more taxes doesn’t mean you deserve more of a voice, it usually means you earn more then other people. Those who don’t earn as much don’t deserve to be ignored because they don’t earn much and all it would do would mean those with the biggest voice already will get a bigger voice and be able to cause more problems for those without one already.

Every person deserves one vote.

I don’t get why anyone would think otherwise. Specially as in general the amount might not seem that much to someone rich but taxing on a low income job might in ways be more to those paying it because they have so little to begin with. If you look at it that way, would someone who pays more money but in relation to their salary not as much as someone who is paid less but in relation gives more of their wage over be happy if those people who earn less had another vote and they didn’t?

Absolutely no one deserves to be ignored and people who earn less already get overlooked more then those who earn more anyway. To take the last part of their voice away is unethical as it means those who earn more will have a say over basically how to keep their wages at the expense of those who don’t earn more.

Its a ridiculous notion and does anyone really believe it?


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