Overlord : Wise King of Forest

Episode 7

“Mori no ken-ō” (森の賢王)

The journey continues to Carne Village. Will they finally stumble upon the assassin and Necromancer that are after them?

So Nfirea is only there to steal Ainz secrets, as they get to Carne Village unfortunately he finds out who Ainz is truly. With the information given by his friend in Carne, one of the girls that Ainz saved when he first appeared, he is able to put one and one together. After finding out who he was travelling with he went to admit to Ainz why he had asked Ainz to accompany him.

Whilst there is danger on the horizon I am enjoying the actual laid back adventuring feel to the series so far. It feels like going on all the stupid side quests you find in games like Skyrim or Dragon Age that take you away from the main quest and make you forget that there are terrible battles and stuff coming your way. I’m enjoying just hanging with the Swords and watching Ainz get to know his surroundings.

This episode see’s him looking for the Wise King of the Forest, a legendary level beast, so that he can fight it and raise his new name of Momon higher.

What really made me laugh was that the Wise King turned out to be a giant Hamster and whilst again he looks at it in a IRL way the people around him are in awe of the giant beast. He just see’s a giant cute hamster but they see him for what he is, a giant and Wise Beast. Its funny seeing all the people actually looking at him like he’s done something wonderful whilst he’s bitching and moaning about it looking cute and trying to give it a cute name.

Episode ends with the assassin finally getting her hands on Nfirea when they finally get back to his store. Ainz isn’t with them as he has to register the hamster which I guess is one way of making this actually dangerous for Ainz, he isn’t going to be able to save anyone until he finds out they are missing and where they are. I do worry for them to be honest.

I really thought this was a great episode. As I said it had that relaxed feeling but also had that reminder that something nasty is about to happen, it is sad that something bad is going to happen because I was enjoying the tranquil feeling of just hanging out with a bunch of adventurers.

Loved the use of Aura too in the episode, she came to help find the Wise King as she is a Beast Master, nice to see two of her pets as well.

Just wish that we could have gone on more adventures before the main bosses showed up.


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