Overlord : Twin Swords of Slashing Death

Episode 8

“Shi o kirisaku sōken” (死を切り裂く双剣)

Back in E-Rantel with the Swords and Nfirea as well as Hamsuke the Wise King of the Forest.

Unfortunately Clementine the Assassin was there already as we know from the last episode.

Without going all Anna on this review I have to say this episode hurt to watch. Its sad when you enjoy characters so much just to find out that they were fodder for the main boss. It actually hurt when the Swords were not just dead but brought back as zombies. All of them instead of Ninya who turned out to be a girl and seemed to have been tortured to death. It was hard to see.

Ainz really hasn’t learnt anything. It doesn’t hurt him at all, he still just saw and see’s everyone around him as pawns. Once again it hasn’t even begun to creep into his mind that these people might actually be people or whatever has happened to him might have just turned them into people. He’s angry that Clementine has taken away the people he was going to use and as she’s in his way now she’ll be going down along with Khajiit.

Both Clementine and Khajiit don’t seem too fussed over facing Ainz and Nabe which means that we’re actually going to see two fights in the next episode and not just two deaths.

I guess I’m interested to know what will put them over some of the things that Ainz has come across now. Especially Clementine. If she’s a Assassin then surely a lot of her power goes when she loses the benefit of surprise? It isn’t hard to believe that the adventurers that she’s killed before now are just weaker but Ainz is maxed out and his servants are going to be extra strong too so it makes no sense that they’d be a problem. So far NOTHING has been a problem for him so I’d like to know if these guys really are just super strong themselves or what.

Hoping they at least save Nfirea and DON’T charge Lizzie absolutely everything for saving him.

His name is going to spread far and wide though, that is what he wants and it’ll be what he gets. The guards who saw him saw how easy it was for him to progress in the cemetery and already talking about him becoming a hero of legend so his plan is working and working well. Nabe seems to be less inclined to just go along with what he says though as she questions most of what he does which is a interesting dynamic compared to the blind loyalty of his Guardians. She’s the most interesting of his minions to be honest and the first one we properly get to see in action.


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