How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : It’s Scary When Someone You Care About Get’s Sick

Episode 3

“Taisetsu na hito ga kaze wo hītara totemo shinpai” (たいせつなひとが風ぜをひいたらとてもしんぱい)

I feel like with a title like this I might cry.

It was one of those episodes that tug at your heart strings.

Sora was the one that got a cold, it wasn’t really that serious, a bit of man flu by the looks of it, but there was lots of panicking, lots of wearing gas masks and lots of fussing. It was funny and sad at the same time, Mii-kun just wanting to look after Sora was adorable, him coming into his bedroom with the plaster over his mouth instead of a gas mask had me in tears of laughter. When Sora was asleep and he kept dunking himself in the water and sitting on Sora’s head to keep him cool I honestly had to hug something because I felt like I was going to AWWW myself to death.

When Mii-kun then got a cold I wasn’t too sure where the episode was going.

I mean he seems to need to absorb water to stay alive, this episode confirmed my theory that he seemed to cry himself to dryness when Sora leaves him, yet him being wet for so long gave him a cold.

Then again if he’s a Mummy surely he isn’t alive therefore how can he get a cold?

Whilst Sora had to just get better Mii-kuns way of getting better was burying himself which in a way seems to make sense. After all he’s a Mummy, Mummy’s tend to be stuck in tombs and stuff which is the same as a burial so maybe there is something to it. Maybe it was just too much water and because he’d absorbed it and dried out the way he had he just needed some dirt in his system to level out whatever it is going on behind the bandages?

Either way we’ll never know because Mii-kun doesn’t really communicate.

Kaede was properly introduced in this episode, I found out online that she’s Sora’s aunt, I don’t know if that was said in the show, so when she see’s Mii-kun she isn’t surprised. She also takes his sarcophagus as a present to herself from her brother.

I really loved Kaede, she has a split personality. Clumsy, workaholic and lovely person when she’s got her glasses off but when she’s got them on not even Mii-kun is safe from… Well…. From her…. Herness I guess. LOVED when she went after Tazuki and he just flipped the glasses off and turned the tables on her, it really made me laugh.

In fact I can 100% say that Tazuki might have made it into my all time favourite Anime characters of all time list. He’s just so funny, so strict, so smart… And he cares a great deal about Sora. It actually made me tear up when he was shouting at Sora in the flashback about picking up the dying bird, he made sense in what he said, the bird was going to die regardless of how hard Sora tried to stop it so picking it up as it died just meant that Sora was the one that was going to be in pain. The bird would be dead but Sora will feel bad that he couldn’t save it. Which is what happened. Tazuki seems like he’s got a kind heart but its hidden away behind a wall of logic and strictness. He’s like a Vulcan.

My last thing about this episode is has anyone else noticed how Sora’s dad looks a bit like Saitama from One Punch Man? No? Just me? OK….


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