Overlord : Two Adventurers

Episode 5

“Futari no bōken-sha” (二人の冒険者)

Ainz is out in the world trying to create a name for himself as well as learn enough about the world and get some money to blend in.

Blending in isn’t easy though.

Absolutely loved when he started talking to Narbeal about laying low just for the potion that he gave to someone he upset being a rare item because all their potions are blue instead of red. It was hilarious to be honest. Specially as he continues to berate Narbeal for being a pain in the ass and not liking the humans.

It seems strange that he hadn’t thought through about reading and things like that either though, he has to make a scene to get himself a job that he can actually do because he didn’t know how to figure out what the jobs were. In doing so he managed to make friends with the Swords of Darkness who are actually pretty normal looking adventurers then the name sounds. In fact I’d question whether or not the world that Ainz has been part of hasn’t been connected to another gaming world. The way they talk doesn’t really come across as NPCs more like how Ainz himself has been speaking.

All this really just led up to Ainz getting his first job as a body guard for Nfirea and taking the Swords of Darkness with him. A job that might look easy but we learn how difficult it is for them when we flash to a plot to kidnap Nfirea because he has the ability to use any magical item he touches.

Loving the world outside of Ainz Guild. A lot of interesting characters and its kind of fun watching how Ainz people react to humans. They think anyone that isn’t part of their little group is inferior and Nabe just like Albedo think they are all below Ainz and their quest.

It’ll be interesting to see what Nfirea is up to as we know he’s been sent for some other reason after seeing the red potion. I don’t really know why they don’t just talk to Ainz about it or where the other girl went but it seems strange that the old woman sent him to hire Ainz just to take him back to Carne village. Maybe she knows sending him that way will maybe unveil something about him. I honestly don’t know.

Kinda interested in seeing what goes on with the Swords of Darkness though. Instantly liked them as a group.


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