Overlord : The Battle of Carne Village

Episode 3

“Karune-mura no tatakai” (カルネ村の戦い)

We are finally leaving the Guild and looking at the surrounding areas which is going to be the first step in actually figuring out what is going on.

Momonga is still looking at this like a game.

This is having two effects on him.

First he doesn’t bother to go and help the village under attack until Sebas reminded him of a old Guild Mate who saved him when he was a newbie and did so because he couldn’t bare to see helpless people get hurt. He looked at it like a quest instead of looking at it as a real world that he’s part of.

Secondly, and not really that much different, is that he also doesn’t have the thought process that these people are real yet so he thinks that emotionally he’s just turning into his character but its actually more likely down to the fact that he isn’t taking the world seriously.

He didn’t stop and think that any of the knights could have been a player that decided to dress like the knights and go and fight with them, or that they could have been a villager. He looked at them all as NPCs and whilst he did his best to save them and even thought at the end about resurrecting their dead he didn’t join the dots that they were real now. To him they still just aren’t important.

This is down to him still being super strong as well as still processing the world around him.

He is now making quests for himself and trying to lure out other players to figure out how to get out.

There so far has been no danger to him, he hasn’t felt pain and anything he might have a emotional connection to, like Albedo, hasn’t come to harm. When that changes or when he actually gets to know the world around him and become truly immersed into it and invested in the world as a true Overlord THEN he might start seeing it as real.

Right now he’s in the mind frame that there has been some bug, he’s stuck in the game but he’s going to be fine. He’s seeing fighting people and trying to get information as a game when in actuality this is his reality. He keeps saying that he thinks his reality is this or that now but he doesn’t seem to have connected it together. Sure he might perceive the world differently because he’s a skeleton and not a human but at the same time he DOES have a emotional attachment still and there is part of him in there that obviously IS human and still the guy he is on the outside but he’s still thinking as if those two parts of him are two different things.

They aren’t anymore.

Love that he’s spreading his legend and using his Guild name as his own. There was a lot of information to take in about the surrounding area and the cities at war with each other but I’m sure it’ll all make sense sooner then later.


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