Overlord : Ruler of Death

Episode 4

“Shi no shihai-sha” (死の支配者)

So we left episode 3 with a army surrounding the village of Carne. What will Momonga’s next move be?

Gazef is a pretty cool character. I have to admit the beginning of the episode just kind of blurred into battle scenes for me and if something important was said or done I didn’t really get it.

Momonga was just using Gazef and his men to see what it was that they were up against, when Nigun of the Sunlight Scripture was about to win Momonga swapped places with him and took on Nigun. He tested absolutely everyone and was not impressed with the power of the Sunlight Scripture at all. He took on the highest level angel they had and only felt a little pain. It seems to have continued to go to his head, he is after all just a nerd that got to level 100 and made himself stupidly strong. Surely he’s going to run out of items at some point or come up against something that he can’t fight. I think that is pretty much the point though, his inability to feel scared or worried about things is making him more detached from the world he’s stuck in.

He now just wants to be known as Ainz and declares to his minions when he gets back that he wants to be known as Ainz Ooal Gown and that he wants that name spread across the land.

He seems to be holding onto hope that someone from the Guild or someone who knew of him is going to be trapped too. Spreading his name through fear as well as through valor is only going to bring trouble to him though. We’ve yet to see him even question if anyone around him could be a player and not a NPC, he’s hoping that his name will be enough to connect him to someone but what if they get the wrong message? What if they are on the side that just see the violence that he brings to the world? They aren’t going to come to him and he isn’t going to find anyone to help him get out of this world, if that is even what he wants. I don’t think he knows what he wants to be honest.

It was interesting seeing how he played games with the NPCs.

Personally I still think its a detachment issue that’ll sort itself out as soon as something happens to someone he’s become unknowingly attached too. He’s still seeing it as not real life when in fact it probably IS his life now. Whilst the magic, leveling and everything else works the same there has to be a point where he isn’t going to be able to just bat aside a attack. He left his minions at the Guild this time but what happens when a lesser warrior then Albedo comes with him somewhere?

Of course I could be looking too much into it and we’re just meant to be going along with the ride of him getting too big for his boots.

Its worth watching after the credits too, this along with episode one had a little extra for us. Whilst we know that Ainz just wants to spread his name and lure out other players as well as giving himself something to do whilst stuck in the game, they think that he wants to take over the world. They twist his words, not in a cruel way, but because they honestly think it is the will of their Overlord. Its kinda cute in a stupid way.


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