Overlord : Journey

Episode 6

“Tabiji” (旅路)

Ainz is out trying to learn as much as he can about the world around them with one of his Battle Maids Narbeal. He’s on his first mission with the Swords of Darkness and Nfirea.

Really like the Swords of Darkness.

Their purpose seemed not only to be about teaching Ainz about the traditions, cultures, battle system and general world building stuff but to make him have to look inside himself. They are cheerful, optimistic and young. He keeps saying they remind him of him when he started adventuring.

What I don’t think he gets though is that in a way he is starting again. His “fallen comrades” aren’t actually fallen they grew distant from a game. This isn’t a game anymore, its Ainz world and he needs to actually get over what he believes is true and actually get used to his surroundings as if they were surroundings and not just programming. He gets all moody when the youngest of the Swords say he might one day find other comrades that he cares for as much as his old ones, it was a pointless thing to get upset over but shows that he very much still has his human emotions they are just attached to the real world and not the game world.

It was interesting travelling with them.

Still don’t know what Nfirea is up to really but we do now know that he’s got a girl back in Carne village, the Swords all wanting to help him in his romantic pursuits was funny.

Bad guy watch see’s the assassin finding out just who it is that she needs to find, Nfirea, whilst the Necromancer tries to remind her not to ruin his plans.

They are such a odd couple and you have to feel that they are going to be the end boss of this story. Whilst she seems a decent assassin I don’t see why she would give Ainz any problems, then again it all depends on if Ainz actually see’s this job as important or not at the time. I do have to wonder what is going to happen when they finally get face-to-face with each other.

Also it was a nice touch to give us a look at what the minions are doing when Ainz is away. Not much really. Demiurge finds Albedo in Ainz bed with a life size pillow of him. It was pointless but harmless, would rather have seen something less perverted and just fun to be honest. Do like how Demiurge just doesn’t really care, he points things out like Ainz not actually sleeping in bed and all that but at the end of the day he shrugs and leaves her to it. Only real way to deal with her I guess.


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