Kokkoku : The Seventh Moment

Episode 7

Now that Majima has finished her quest in the Stasis its time for her to make up her mind what she is going to do next.

Its nice that her brother is alive and kinda funny and sad at the same time that she was his younger sister and now she’s going to be his older sister, he doesn’t even recognize her because obviously time probably has been stalled for him this whole time.

Him being alive might have made it easier for her to get over her thing with the Yukawa family and they team up to take on the Society and destroy the Master Stone for good.

Its a good plan if Sagawa hadn’t pissed off his own supporters so they actually engaged their brains and found the Stone mainly so that they could stop him from stopping them from using the Stone. It was kinda boring to be honest. Sagawa has his motives, which you could have guessed, his minions eavesdrop and then force everyone’s hand all at once. The experiments with the Stalled are over, Majima points out that as long as no one else has been brought to Stasis and turned into Handlers since her family then there probably isn’t any more Handlers and that’s about it.

To be honest it was kind of just the culmination of all the experiments and hints of what they knew before we get to see Sagawa show his true face.

Maybe I was just expecting too much from the episode, something as dramatic as everything else we’ve seen, and because it was more of a filler episode before something big happens it just kind of felt flat. Maybe its because the last few episodes were so good I’ve been waiting impatiently for this one and because it was mainly just all talking and planning and bitching it felt like a let down.

One thing I have come to the conclusion of though is that something horrible has to happen to Takafumi.

Even now after what happened to him with the Handlers he’s going on about using the Stone to restore the name of Yukawa. Lets get this straight though HE is the one bringing it down. HE should just get off of his ass and get a job and provide for his family and be a functioning member of society. Instead he wants a magic spell to what? It doesn’t fast forward time or anything, you can’t truly do anything with it, so he wants to steal? Wants to hurt others?

He acts like he deserves to have a say, deserves to make decisions but he’s incapable of just about everything.

Hoping next week is really good.


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