How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : Toyed with and Chased Around, Being Small is Hard

Episode 2

“Ijiwarusaretari oikakeraretari chīsai to iu koto ha totemo taihen”(いじわるされたりおいかけられたり小さいということはとてもたいへん)

So Sora is giving Mii-kun a home to stay in. Every day I’m sure he’ll learn something new about his new little Mummy friend, like don’t forget to leave him water when you are at school because he needs it. Or don’t let him go in the bath for too long because he does actually absorb water…

If I thought I couldn’t love it more then episode one I was wrong. Episode two continued the adorableness of Sora and his Mummy Mii-kun but this time they even had Tazuki who had given up terrorizing Mii-kun after seeing how cute he is.

Overall though it was just a good episode.

Sora can’t figure out why Mii-kun is drying up whilst he’s at school, especially not after Mii-kun, in his own little way, tells Sora that he drinks whilst he’s at school. I think he just cries when Sora leaves and no matter how much he drinks he doesn’t make up the water he loses crying that Sora isn’t there.

My theory, for me, is confirmed later in the episode when Sora decides to take Mii-kun to school and after a scary first day Mii-kun weighs up whether to stay at home from now on or face scary school and spend time with Sora.

He obviously picks Sora.

It had some very distinctive stories in it though which I liked. Sora doing his best to not just look after Mii-kun but let him join in, he wanted to do chores but he’s too small so Sora makes him a small knife, when Sora is doing homework he wanted to help by turning pages but as he was wrinkling the pages to Tazuki’s book Sora instead made Mii-kun a little picture book. After that we had the bonding of Tazuki and Mii-kun, still interested in what is on the inside he tricks Mii-kun to get close to him, instantly regretting it when Sora points out that the bandages are like human skin and making up with Mii-kun.

When they hit the school was my favourite part.

We meet Motegi, a female in the class that see’s Mii-kun whilst Sora is putting him in his desk. The rest of the episode see’s Sora try to throw Motegi off the scent by creating Mummy dolls just for her to walk off with the real Mii-kun anyway.

What I really like I guess is that it isn’t just small skits. Whilst I love shows like this sometimes the way the events don’t really connect to each other makes me feel like I’m missing out on things happening in between and I get restless and demand more. With this the demand for more is purely because the actual story is so cute I want to see more of it but the story itself I’m happy and content with because I don’t feel I’m missing out.

So far it hasn’t skipped any important lessons about Mii-kun and you get to see both him, Sora and Tazuki grow.  Sora is very much like Mii-kun’s parent, which probably makes Tazuki some weird kind of uncle…. In fact as a aunt it pretty much is my reaction to my nieces so yeah that’s exactly what it is like.

My absolute favourite part of the episode though would have been when Mii-kun finally makes it out of the school being chased by the rat and Sora picks him up, he’d promised Sora that he’d pretend to be a stuffed doll no matter what so when he comes to his wits, as it were, he goes back to pretending to be a stuffed doll. It was just the most heart wrenching scene because he was trying so hard so that Sora wouldn’t be mad at him but Sora was just so worried that he’d been hurt or something.

I’m guessing that Motegi will in the end find out that Mii-kun isn’t a stuffed doll, it’ll be funny to see her reaction.


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