Pro Wrestling Chaos : Control, ALT, Delete

So Pro Wrestling Chaos is now streaming live on Powerbomb.TV so I decided to watch it because why the hell not? Specially when you are getting it free.

Funny fact was I only took this third week off work to go to this show but then I realised I wouldn’t have enough money to go so didn’t. So yeah. Fun fact.


I’m very sad to say my internet was playing up and I didn’t get to really hear what Eddie Dennis had to say which is a shame. I’m happy that Chaos have found a use for him when he’s injured though as he’s a good guy.

Winner : Alex Steele

It was a really fun match, the two of them were very similar so it was a good fast match. I’ve seen both Mambo and Steele before like two years ago and its amazing how different they both are from when I saw them. I liked Steele’s more determined demeanour but Mambo is a fun guy.

Steele won, I missed whatever it was he did though to win because again my internet stopped but he spent the majority of the match pointing at Dennis and making it very obvious that he still had a problem with Dennis.

After the match he attacked Mambo with a crutch which apparently is what he did last year to Dennis before Dennis made the save.

Great first match.


He came out to tell us about his special relationship with Jackel who was actually up against his team of the…. Yes this is a real name…. Crazy Teacups. Crazy Teacups which consist of my hometown boy Eddie Ryan and crazy boy Charlie Sterling.

Winners : Crazy Teacups

A fantastic match. I mean I did have to laugh every time the name Crazy Teacups was mentioned but these are four absolutely amazing wrestlers and it was such a great match. Ryan and Sterling obviously didn’t use the best tactics to beat Team H8, they were very aware of where their opponents were at all times and weren’t afraid to run over to the other side of the ring to pull the other man down.

The dynamic between Sterling and Ryan was fun though, Ryan didn’t seem to be so into being in the team as Sterling, I’m happy to report that his acting has got a lot better.

Was surprised that the Crazy Teacups really seemed to dominate the match but when Team H8 got in charge of it oh my was it spectacular. I mean Gideon live is such a beast of a man but he got up on top of the top rope, perfect balance, and was able to not just take out Ryan with a kick but continue his attack on Sterling. He does not look like he should be able to do that but he did it and made it look easy. Jackal flying off the top rope was fantastic.

In the end it was a misplaced yet not misplaced superkick and a wonderful top rope move from Sterling and the Crazy Teacups got the win.

Though after the match Ryan did also superkick Sterling.

Winner : Martina The Session Moth

Beginning of this match was ridiculously funny. The Session Moth is one of the best characters in the UK at the moment and just honestly has me in giggles from beginning to end.

When it got serious you saw just how talented the two women are. Hayter controlled the match for long periods at the time, cornering Martina and slowing her down. It was a extremely hard hitting match.

Shame that the camera’s were focused on Jinny on the commentary table when Martina managed to get Hayter into a piledriver and win the match, we got to see the piledriver and the pin but not how she got into that position but it was a great match and so fun. Martina is fantastic.

Winner : Nick Aldis

It was a masterclass from Grizzly, he just knocked the ever living shit out of Aldis. He looks bigger and scarier then ever before, another wrestler I miss so much seeing live and another who will NOT be around down here forever because he will one day make it big.

He just manhandled Aldis like Aldis was a child.

The best match of the night so far, Grizzly was just amazing but the fact that Aldis made it so easy to just pick up Grizzly himself was impressive. It was a proper clash and the two of them just beat the hell out of each other.

Loved the ending, Grizzly raking the eyes and then picking up the NWA belt distracting the ref, Aldis then accidentally taking out the ref. Aldis using a low below and still not getting the win. Built so much drama at the end part of the match which lead to Grizzly going to the top rope, jumping down and getting stuck in the Cloverleaf for the submission win for Aldis.

Great match and actually made me believe that Grizzly could get the belt which for something like this is usually hard to believe. Loved it. Honestly Grizzly is amazing.

Winner : Dick Riley

Its a very good point that the commentators made that Dick Riley is built like a heavyweight and moves like a cruiser weight. He’s so fast for a guy his size and hits some fantastic moves completely out of nowhere. Funny to hear that Riley is on a Losing Streak in Chaos because I know hell of a lot of people are talking about him in Chaos so it shows losing isn’t so bad. Just ask Gabriel Kidd I guess!

Everett was fun to watch. Some of his moves were just ridiculous to see and he was so fast and precise. The dropkick into a suplex in the corner was just amazing, specially as he used the momentum of the dropkick to basically spin himself around to land behind Riley.

Loved the win from the knees up during Everett’s top rope endeavour and a quick roll up. Dick apparently gets his first win in over a year at Chaos.

Winner : Mark Haskins

I’ve never seen Beano before but I love him. He was pretty good at everything he was doing but he was up against someone like Haskins who never took too long to use his experience to turn the tide once more and beat the hell out of Beano. The chops that Haskins gave to him after receiving some himself were vicious. Not the kind that leaves a mans chest like Mark Davis after his match with Walter but pretty nasty.

He never gave up though. He managed to get himself out of a submission move that looked horrible, got a little fire and for a second looked like he was going to fight back. He just couldn’t really. You got the feeling he COULD get a win by surprise, a few lucky roll up attempts looked like it could end in upset.

It was just Haskins kicking the shit out of the kid though.

Was so sad when he thought he had won but it turned out that Haskins had his foot on the rope. In the end it was the obvious win for Haskins but boy do I love Beano now.


So this wasn’t a match, Kaggy called out Sierra Loxton who came straight down.

Kaggy looks awesome and it makes me even angrier that a company like 5* are going on about having to find a good women’s division when we are SO lucky to have so many fantastic females all with really cool looks and characters. Here are five in one show!

I don’t know what this is all about but it makes me hope that they are going to stream their shows more often because I WANT to see this so badly.

Winners : The Brotherhood

FINALLY getting to see the Anti Fun Police in action, well at least Damien Dunne as I didn’t actually know who his deputy was until a friend tagged me in a post about him. Dunne was better then I ever thought he’d be and I was so happy to see him in action. Him and Santos are wonderful and I love the gimmick so much. Really hope I see more of both of them.

It had a little bit of everything in it, I mean all eight guys are pretty different and whilst The Brotherhood had good chemistry being a team in general the makeshift group of Anti Fun Police, Parker and Bird did a good job.

When it went crazy and Parker went flying out of the ring on top of EVERYONE else it was really. The double 450 from Parker and Drake was amazing. When The Brotherhood basically singled out Parker in the ring and cleared the rest out you actually felt scared for him.

Fantastic match which ended with the Brotherhood winning.

After the match they went to destroy the Chaos logo in the ring, Dave Mercy ran down to stop them and got attacked instead. Great way to end the evening.


Fantastic night of wrestling. Chaos has always been held up as a hidden gem in the UK that more people need to see, I’m always gutted because its so hard to get to Bristol let alone to the outskirts where the shows are held. This is a giant step for them and I hope that the word gets out because not only is the show just fantastic but they are now another show highlighting hidden talents in the UK that the whole world should know about.

Grizzly vs Aldis was just a fantastic wrestling match and Grizzly looked so good against the NWA champion. It was a wonderful match for their first live streamed show. Dick Riley vs Andrew Everett and Beano vs Haskins were close second for just being brilliant wrestling matches.

Every match had a part to play in numerous stories running through Chaos and they managed to make people CARE, or at least me, enough that I want to go back and watch some of their past shows leading up to this and I WILL be tuning in to ANY live stream they have now. I want to see what Dave Mercy and guys like the Anti Fun Police and Parker and Bird are going to do about the Brotherhood, I want to see Loxton and Gideon getting some revenge on Kaggy and Boar, I REALLY want to see what crazy ride the Crazy Teacups are going to take us on or whether Martina can shut Ginny up.

It was a fantastic evening.

I am now fully a fan of Beano who showed so much heart, Kaggy who is just crazy cool looking and Damien Dunne and Santos Jr (which is a bit of a cheap one because I already loved Dunne from just standing at ringside with DEFIANT.)

Really enjoyed the whole show, you want to pick it up and see it for yourself.


5 thoughts on “Pro Wrestling Chaos : Control, ALT, Delete”

  1. Thank you for letting me know about the show. I would have missed it if you hadn’t told me it was being streamed on Powerbomb TV. I do hope it is a regular thing because I will take out a subscription with Powerbomb to watch it.

    Though the matches were of high quality. My first time seeing a few of the guys that you have raved about for years and I could see why you would.

    Still loved that post on Tumblr where someone told you that you are miserable, hate the world and anyone enjoying themselves and last name is Dunne so they are convinced you are either Damien Dunne in disguise or married to him. Like you had only seen him on Defiant but he’s a good wrestler so I guess I understand why you weren’t insulted.

    No comparisons to Defiant or 5*? Its unlike you not to compare things to other things.

    1. No probs dude. Always like to spread the word!

      I have always maintained that the West Country were lucky to have some guys down here that never seem to get mentioned elsewhere but are just incredible. Gideon and Riley are always two straight out of my gob. Honestly though Gideon live is where its at because just to look at him you wouldn’t believe he was capable of doing half the stuff he can do because he’s a beast of a man but so agile as well. Such a cool character as wel.

      Haha I’m not sure why I’d be insulted that someone thought I was a good looking dude or dating one, I felt sad I had to admit to them that I was just a ugly female with no special talent other then being absolutely miserable all the time. It kinda broke their heart. Plus if I was someone in disguise I would 100% NEVER EVER use my real last name. I mean it gives it away a little right?

      The only reason I compare 5* to anything is because its bad. I don’t think I really compare it to DEFIANT at all if I’m honest I just point out where DEFIANT do things well and they don’t and their main problem now is that they aren’t using a three hour time slot well and have a bad commentary team. DEFIANT were apparently shit back in their opening days as WCPW, I would have been biased if I was watching because I love Adam Pacitti but a lot of people were turned off WCPW because of how bad it is. Thing is WCPW is a YouTube show whereas 5* are a bit of hope that British Wrestling can return to British TV and if they don’t get better then people will have a bad look at what is actually a wonderful scene.

      Chaos had wonderful commentators, a well paced show with absolutely fantastic matches and stories that gripped me from beginning to end. Other then the negative comparison of 5* being seriously insulting to the Female UK wrestling scene there is nothing to compare to a company that is just finding their feet and one who has been streaming (and lets face it most of their streamed shows aren’t live so they are kinda in the same boat as Chaos who have had a OnDemand service for at least 2 years) for a while. A few problems with the stream cutting out but hardly a problem, both DEFIANT and 5* have that problem as do any live streams. I only compare things when I struggle to find words to describe something and I just really enjoyed this show so it didn’t need to be compared to anything.

      1. ” It kinda broke their heart.”

        HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA she was SOOOOOOOOOO upset. So very upset. Like I’ve never ever ever seen smeone so upset.

        Also does 5* really not have any female wrestlers? None at all? On all 9 hours of TV they’ve done so far?! Happy I haven’t watched it yet!!!!!!

        1. Yeah they don’t have a women’s division. Don’t not watch it, please watch because the actual wrestling is fantastic and its getting better production wise. Eddie Ryan has been absolutely amazing, Nathan Cruz is a absolute babe who is a slow burning character in the background at the moment, Zack Gibson is a absolute mega star and is where its at each week, Rampage is just killing people on a weekly basis in that wonderful way he does it, Max Money are also wonderful and you’ll get to see the show by show improvement of Adam Maxted who just looks more and more perfect every second he’s in a ring.

          I don’t get the women thing. I heard and I’m sure I saw 5* say it themselves that they are scouting for the best women’s division which just seems crazy to me but then again A LOT of this has seemed crazy. They had since September to organise their shit and didn’t have music sorted for the UK wrestlers, their lead commentator is tragic at the best of times and they were able to pick the top UK male talent but not a single female talent….

          To turn it back to Chaos which is what we should be talking about it was nice to see so many people on Twitter and Tumblr excited that they’d seen a different side to Eddie Ryan and get real excited about Mark Haskins because of the Chaos show.

  2. I did say I’d come here and comment the SSSSSSSSECOND you saw him wrestle, even if James beat me to it to remind you that you are either Damien Dunne or his wife hahahahahaha! Love the blog and can’t wait for Chain Reaction, I feel you tried to hide your love for No Fun Dunne but we all know you won’t be able to hold back in his Defiant match!!!!



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