Overlord : Floor Guardians

Episode 2

“Kaisō shugo-sha” (階層守護者)

Have to say that the first episode was good, if I had to wait a week to watch it I doubt I’d have liked it as much, knowing that I can binge watch the whole series made it so much better.

In a way this feels like a continuation of episode 1’s introduction into the world. We get to meet the Floor Guardians and see their unique personalities whilst also watching Momonga get used to the world around him still.

I think its nice that the loyalty the Guardians feel for Momonga doesn’t just feel like programming. Whilst it was their program and that is pretty much why they are loyal they also have their reasoning. For example they are very aware that the other players of the Guild have one-by-one left them on their own and Momonga has always stayed and looked after them, it isn’t a fact that had to be mentioned or indeed something their programming would understand. It made them instantly more alive. I mean they rationalised their loyalty to Momonga which means very much that they have their own free will.

Near the beginning Momonga even comments that they seem to have taken on the old players personalities a little bit.

That’s a pretty cool thing for them. They aren’t just programs anymore they are actual people and whilst we know that they have to do what they are doing the fact that in that world they’ve come up with their own reasons behind their actions is cool.

I like Demiurge. He’s cool and collected, seems like he’s happy enough to let people fight amongst themselves and is always on top of the situation. Whilst he isn’t in charge, that would be Albedo, he gives the aura of being in charge. He seems to be looking at a bigger picture that not even Momonga is thinking of, this world is now alive and whilst the other gamers have left they still have Momonga but what if he leaves? Its something he’ll have to think of not just Demiurge as regardless of how its happened these people are now alive. Demiurge is thinking along the lines of letting Albedo and Shelltear fight over who has his heir which seems to make Cocytus extremely happy thinking he can serve a long line of decendants of Momonga, but its nice to see that Demiurge at least has his eye on the longer picture for the Guaridans.

Other then that the only other thing that was important about the episode was how Momonga is going to rule over his underlings.

He’s going to do it with love and respect.

When he see’s Mare doing a good job of hiding their hideout he rewards him with a item that usually only the players would be able to receive, he talks kindly to all the NPCs and treats them all with the highest respect which just makes them even more set in their ways to protect him in any way they can.

Whilst I get that at the back of it all no matter what they are programmed to be loyal its just a nice feeling that at the same time he actually doesn’t look at it that way and does things to make sure that they feel appreciated and will want to stay loyal to him.

Its also a sign that he’s probably gonna forget about the outside world as he works to be the best of what he is in this world.


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