Overlord : End and Beginning

Episode 1

“Owari to Hajimari” (終わりと始まり)

Well seeing Anna found another anime to binge watch and review I thought I’d binge watch the first season of Overlord and spam two blogs a day to try and catch up with it and series two before series two finishes.

Instantly I could see right from the beginning why people like it.

It looked a lot like the old He-Man cartoons with the main character looking a hell of a lot like Skeletor. Yggdrasil seems at the moment as a dark and dreary place to be that could also be because we haven’t actually seen daylight or outside of the Guild house yet. I like the style a lot and think it adds to the feeling that you are stuck in a virtual world. Its hard to explain but it felt like there was another world that we weren’t seeing and this was something that had been created. I really want to see what the rest of the world actually looks like outside of the Guild now.

What I guess really made me like the episode though were the characters.

Momonga is a interesting main character. On the outside he’s a walking skeleton Overlord, he has to keep his cool and look the part because he’s found himself actually having to act out what before hand just happened automatically through code. He can’t lose his composure or ask for help because to the NPCs now alive this is reality and he has to make them believe in him. Its a good thing he’s a skeleton then so that he has no features to show how lost he is.

His underlings come in all shapes and sizes and whilst we only get to know a couple in this episode you can instantly see that its going to be a fun journey with them. I don’t get why the twins Aura and Mare are dressed in the wrong clothes, Aura the girl is dressed like a guy and Mare the boy is dressed as a girl, but I’m sure there is a reason seeing that all these characters seem to have been created by former players and members of the Ainz Ooal Gown Guild. Albedo at the last minute had her code re-written so that she was in love with Momonga which I actually think will make it more fun then her original coding of being a bitch. Those were the only members we truly met in this episode but on first glance you have Shalltear a little vampire girl, Demiurge who looks so cool and Cocytus a giant insect beast thing.

To be honest the underlings are all kind of thrown together and you get that feel of a guild of very different people putting their own unique flavour into things. Whilst they all seem to be loyal to Momonga it also means this isn’t the world as seen by some mysterious game developer or by Momonga itself, there are very different and real personalities and characteristics going on below the surface which I think is cool.

This episode really was just a episode of getting to know the world around us though so its hard to really get a grasp of the story, where this is going or anything else right now.

My main question I guess is whether any other human was kept in the game. Not long before the game turned off for the last time another member of the guild who hadn’t been able to log in for years because of real life stuff showed up to have one last look at it and whilst we get told that their guild had to have people who functioned in the real world, something Momonga seemed to not be doing as well as the others, there surely are going to be real game nerds in there that got stuck too? Or was it something to do with Momonga holding onto his staff whilst the servers went down? How is his body going to survive IRL without being looked after? As a loner he doesn’t seem to have anyone to go check on him so will he be OK?

It was a good first episode.


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